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    Sep 2004
    just like what everyone said previously..lifespan of batteries are usually 2 years. If it reached that, then it was worth buying. I am happy to note that my stock motolite maintanence free battery is still alive and kicking. 3 years na. Orig battery since it was bought. hehehhehe. motolite ako ulit.if ever it needs replacement soon.

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    Dec 2005
    Sa akin,- 18 months lang,- palit na ng bago. You'll never know what happens after that because batteries nowadays do not show any tell tale signs that they're going down, even with visual indicators on the unit. Just dies instantaneously.... Saves you the heartaches and more importantly,- abala.

    Kung brand new vehicles,- normally 2 years, dahil (daw) mas makapal ang plates....

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    Nov 2005
    more than 2 yrs is not bad. i do add distilled water after the warranty. madali lang naman kahit maint free, sticker lang naman ang nakatakip in every hole. my orig motolite excel 2sm is more than 4 yrs at malakas pa. talagang sulit. (don't know kung me special arrangement sila ng casa)

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    May 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by happy_gilmore
    agree with PK. yung stock battery ko, simula nung nakuha ko sa casa nung late 2000, middle of last year lang ako nagpalit.

    considering may minor sounds setup oto ko then.

    brand was motolite maintenance free - 1SM.
    same here ..
    1st quarter of 2003 up to now lakas pa din ng battery ko daily usep pa ang ride, twice pa nahiram iyon (Diesel Engine)..sana tumagal pa ng tumagal..hehehe

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    Oct 2002
    securing your battery properly will contribute in prolonging the lifespan of your battery

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    Oct 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by artpogi
    securing your battery properly will contribute in prolonging the lifespan of your battery
    paanong securing? as in preventing it to rock inside the hood? hmmm...yung brackets that came with the vehicle is enough na to make it secure db?

    okay. the battery we bought for my mom's car lasted 2years and 2 months. so matatawag ko na itong sulit. siguro same brand pa rin ang bibilhin ko.

    yung gamit ko naman sa ride ko ay motolite na maintenance free na color green. malakas pa sya although may lumulobo sa gilid. siguro malapit na rin ang due noon.

    oo nga... we can never tell how long pa ang life span doon as maintenance free batteries except it's expected life span.

    salamat sa mga nagreply.

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    Jul 2005
    in my case, i bought a 2sm motolite July of last year lang, pero nasira alternator ko and na-discharged battery ko, so i had it recharged nalang. ngayon medyo hard starting sa umaga. Considering its under one year pa lang, is it advisable to replace my battery with a new one? TIA.

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    Jun 2005
    Autolite lasted for about 5 years on wife's car and replace it with yellow top Optima. Mine is Red Top Optima gel and still good since Nov. 01.

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    Nov 2005
    mine is Optima gold 2sm bought Oct 01 never had a problem with it up to now.

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    Oct 2002
    pag pamalya or humina ang redondo ninyo in the morning pa check na ninyo agad.

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