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    Re: AT Tranny problem, depende yan boss. Maraming factors to consider, owner maintenance, driving habits, product durability, etc.

    Re: Cost. Traditional AT for an MB, 30-45K approx.

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    Quote Originally Posted by s10pao View Post
    magkano ba (on the average) ang cost of repair ng automatic transmission (assume traditional A/T)?
    ilang KM bago lumabas ung mga problema ng A/T?
    di pa naman ako nagkakaroon ng major problem sa AT ng sasakyan ko pero i do believe in Murphy's law. since wala pa ako backup vehicle kaya i intend to sell my car in the near future and get a manual that i can work on.

    no specifics sa kung kelan darating ang mga problema sa AT. pero kung dumating man (wag naman sana syempre) yung mga problem eh malaking abala sa akin iyon.

    nasa 7-10k ang surplus na AT dito sa amin. double that price, may MT ka na. what if yung kinabit na pamalit e di rin pala mahusay. another round of abala na naman iyon kung sakali. given the skill of mechanics on ATs around town e malabo yang repairs na yan. most will do replacement of the whole AT.

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    sino na ba nasiraan ng at dito?

    and bakit nasira?

    got 10++ old trooper 4x4 at(in which it is not a 4x4 on the fly) i guess it's more than 15 years old yet it's at is still working a okay never had any problems with it, palit nozzle tip and presto pati usok wala na (use this auto hard)

    sa mga nasiraan ng at tranny bakit po nasira? and cost?

    di pa naman sira mt trany ng hi ace namin kaso pag nagshishift ka may maingay na parang ayaw kumagat kaysa sa trooper(almost the same age)

    both casa maintained
    but since dami ng auto and they already served us well(10+++ years) kay prens auto sa lp na lang namin pinapaservice and change oil sa shell(hi ace used as a dog carrier pag may lakad family oh- trooper pamalengke at kung may bundok na pupuntahan)

    it depends on the owner, my dad still got his mc arthur styled jeep and up until now its running.

    lahat naman ng auto may cost of maintainance kung magtitipid ka eh bahala ka sa buhay mo as long as pagnasiraan ka eh ikaw at pamilya mo lang madadamay at huwag yung ibang motorista

    and besides almost all here in the forum knows how to drive both save yung walang both(at and mt)
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    2nd hand 1995 Lancer AT with signs of previous overheating (stains on the radiator tank, oil leaks everywhere). Also had a sticker from an AT shop on Visayas Ave. Worked ok for a few years aside from a few ATF leaks here and there that were solved with a refill every now and then. Things went south when I overheated due to a busted fan. AT was slipping and sliding when cold and wouldn't shift out of 3rd until restarted.

    Tranny replacement was 15k parts 4k labor. Everything was fine until a drive shaft oil seal blew on me the next day. Went for a back job and though that leak was solved another was found in the main pump area. Because it would entail another day of downtime I just let it be and lived with it for another year until I finally sold the car. All in all that car with a dubious maintenance history survived 7 years of daily rush hour driving. Not bad.

    I still drive an AT. When the road gets curvy and traffic-free that's when I wish I had an MT.

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    I have nothing against any kind of transmission. Pero since luma ang kotse ko, lagi ko iniisip na pag tumirik ba, puwede itulak at itabi para hindi hassle sa iba. So ayun manual tranny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aoshinomori View Post
    Pero since luma ang kotse ko, lagi ko iniisip na pag tumirik ba, puwede itulak at itabi para hindi hassle sa iba.
    You can do that with an AT. Just put it in Neutral and push.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnM View Post
    I still drive an AT. When the road gets curvy and traffic-free that's when I wish I had an MT.
    Torque converters have a mechnical lock-up. At a certain point (or speed), the torque converter will mechanically lock up. This means that the engine and the tranny are mechanically locked (no slipping, sliding clutches there). It releases when speeds or RPM's go down however, reverting back to "automatic" mode.

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    ^ Yep and the lockup happens lower in the RPM range with the latest iterations.

    I still like playing with a stick though. An AT will most likely be faster and smoother on the same route but nothing beats grabbing the right gear at the right place at the right time
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    Quote Originally Posted by lowslowbenz View Post
    Ang mamahal talaga nang hobby mo. hehehe

    I like driving an AT, but I want to drive an MT. That basically sums it up for me.

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