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    (Reuters) - Toyota secretly bought back from U.S. consumers vehicles it found with speed-control defects as part of a strategy to hide unintended-acceleration problems from safety regulators and the public, a revised lawsuit claims.

    The repurchase transactions included strict confidentiality agreements barring consumers from disclosing the problem to anyone and from suing the automaker, according to the amended class-action complaint.

    The new complaint also cites internal company records documenting instances in which Toyota Motor Corp technicians or service managers replicated speed-control problems like those reported by customers.

    And it says the company's confirmation of at least one clear-cut case of sudden unintended acceleration was concealed rather than reported to federal auto safety regulators.

    Talk about honest and integrity...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tidus1203 View Post

    Talk about honest and integrity...
    And the reason why nobody complains in Japan...
    This was from March 2010
    TOKYO — Feeling her Toyota Mark X station wagon lurch forward at a busy intersection, Masako Sakai slammed on the brakes. But the pedal “had gone limp,” she said. Downshifting didn’t seem to work either.

    “I tried everything I could think of,” Mrs. Sakai, 64, said, as she recently recalled the accident that happened six months ago.
    Her car surged forward nearly 3,000 feet before slamming into a Mercedes Benz and a taxi, injuring drivers in both those vehicles and breaking Mrs. Sakai’s collarbone.
    As shaken as she was by the accident, Mrs. Sakai says she was even more surprised by what happened after. She says that Toyota — from her dealer to headquarters — has not responded to her inquiries, and Japanese authorities have been indifferent to her concerns as a consumer.
    Mrs. Sakai says the Tokyo Metropolitan Police urged her to sign a statement saying that she pressed the accelerator by mistake — something she strongly denies. She says the police told her she could have her damaged car back to get it repaired if she made that admission. She declined.
    The most active was the Japan Automobile Consumers Union, led by Fumio Matsuda, a former Nissan engineer often referred to as the Ralph Nader of Japan. But the automakers fought back with a campaign discrediting the activists as dangerous agitators. Mr. Matsuda and his lawyer were soon arrested and charged with blackmail. They fought the charges to Japan’s highest court, but lost.
    Now, few people are willing to take on the country’s manufacturers at the risk of arrest, Mr. Matsuda said in a recent interview. “The state sided with the automakers, not the consumers,” he said.
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    WENDOVER, Utah (AP) -- Police suspect problems with a Toyota Camry's accelerator or floor mat caused a Utah crash that left two people dead and two others injured.
    Highway Patrol Sgt. Nathan Croft told the Salt Lake Tribune that 66-year-old Paul Vanalfen's 2008 Camry slammed into a rock wall in Wendover on Nov. 5, killing him and 38-year-old Charlene Lloyd, his son's fiancee. Police said Vanalfen died at the scene, and Lloyd, who had been critically injured, died the following day

    Looks like Toyota is at it again! Making sure their accelerators get stuck!

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    TOKYO (AP) -- Toyota recalled nearly 1.7 million cars worldwide Wednesday for fuel leaks, the latest in a ballooning number of quality problems that could add another dent to its tarnished reputation in the crucial U.S. market.

    And the recalls continue...

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    kaya nagaalangan ako bumili ng toyota eh. masyado ata marami ang mga recalls nila. sabi nila hindi daw apektado ang pinas, pero mahirap magrisk sa ganitong sasakyan...buhay ang nakataya.

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    toyota to pay $1.2 B fine for misleading customers re 2009-10 safety issues

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    ano yan wala ng quality control ang toyota? basta gawa na lang ng gawa tutal naka T badge naman

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syuryuken View Post
    ano yan wala ng quality control ang toyota? basta gawa na lang ng gawa tutal naka T badge naman
    Hehe syempre naman lahat ng car manufacturer meron. Yun nga lang meron nakalampas na defect. Gumastos pa nga sila ng $50M para lang sa QA/QC facility nila.

Toyota Recall - Accelerator Pedal may get stuck [merged]