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    Nov 2005
    Of all things that could go wrong with these Toyotas, its these critical areas pa of acceleration, braking, then now steering.

    I agree that Toyotas are quite reliable especially its engine/mechanical components, but it seem they're having troubles now as they incorporated more and more of these electronics around 2004 and up.

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    Aug 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by Monseratto View Post
    Here's another new blemish in Toyota's reputation, involving the Corolla/Altis directly...
    That one sounds a little more like people jumping on the "Toyota's an unsafe brand... let's blame it for everything" bandwagon.

    The new Corolla's steering, as I noted in a review last year, is really very light and fidgety:
    The Corolla's previously heavy steering is now finger-twirl light at parking-lot speeds, which is good, but it's also finger-twirl light at highway speeds, which is bad. Experienced drivers may find the need for constant, fidgety corrections annoying, Inexperienced drivers might find it nerve-wracking.
    While there is the possibility of interference from mobile devices if the shielding is inadequate... the description of the incidents given in various reports sound suspiciously like people being stupid enough to take their hands off the steering wheel at the wrong time... now they want to blame Toyota for their inability to control their vehicles.

    (yes, the steering is woeful... but not bad enough to cause accidents if the driver is paying attention.)

    When it rains, it pours. The moment someone yells class-action suit, everyone else follows.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Jul 2007
    If you were to buy a car now, would you still consider an altis? My friend told me that Toyota now has a 35k discount on the Altis. 2 weeks ago, highest discount I could get was only 25k.

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    Aug 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by Cathy_for_you View Post
    If you were to buy a car now, would you still consider an altis? My friend told me that Toyota now has a 35k discount on the Altis. 2 weeks ago, highest discount I could get was only 25k.
    If you're buying the 1.6 for city use, it's a good car... very soft ride, easy to drive, comfortable. Only issue is the front footwells are cramped if you're tall or have big feet.

    For provincial use, I'm 50:50 about it. The 1.6 really is twitchy on the highway, and the 2.0 has too much power for the brakes and suspension. If you're an experienced driver (meaning you've driven an L300 to Baguio and lived to tell the tale... ), it's not a shocking amount of twitchiness... but it's there. The Mazda3 and Focus are better long-distance cars (Civic is just okay in this regard... if you don't find the seats too uncomfortable) and are easier to control for newbie drivers.

    Of course... if you're worried about highway driving, you could always just disconnect the fuse to the power steering...

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Apr 2009
    Toyota's reputation for these recalls definitely blemished. for the next few or more years might have much decrease in sales.

    in the US its in the Top 3 lets see end of this year how they will fair, i hope they

    can overcome this 'bad luck'. electronic components are very critical and one minute mistake and can be a disaster.

    for me i still prefer old school... like cables in accelerators and not but electronics in sensitive areas of a vehicle. anytime it can malfunction without
    warning.. they have to always have back up or contingency for vehicle computer


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    Aug 2004
    Well... if your throttle cable got stuck before, there was no back-up... except common sense.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Jan 2003
    I'd still get a Toyota over other vehicles.

    Read these articles...

    and why blame the light steering? if you can't hold the steering wheel properly, you shouldn't have been given a license.

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    Jan 2005

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    Sep 2003
    Another conspiracy theory...

    Governors defend Toyota, cite federal 'conflict of interest'

    Govs. Steve Beshear of Kentucky and Mitch Daniels of Indiana have jumped to the defense of Toyota, a major employer in both states, in light of looming congressional investigations into recent safety problems in some vehicles.

    The Japanese automaker has recalled nearly 8.5 million vehicles around the globe since November for problems that include floor mats that can entangle gas pedals and pedals that can stick, causing sudden acceleration. The recalls have drawn interest in Congress.

    The governors say Toyota is being treated unfairly by the U.S. government, which they say in the letter has “an obvious conflict of interest because of its huge financial stake in some of Toyota's competitors,” a reference to the ownership stakes through bailouts of Chrysler and General Motors last year.

    Treasury Department has rescued General Motors Co. and Chrysler Group with $65 billion in bailouts, the Obama administration can't be fair in handling Toyota's safety issues. The U.S. government owns 61 percent of GM and 10 percent of Chrysler.

    Beshear said in a telephone interview, “That puts a little extra pressure on the government to be fair in … looking at a company that's one of their competitors.”

    He said recalls are common, but the reaction to the three Toyota recalls since November is not.

    Daniels, speaking to reporters at a chamber of commerce meeting Wednesday in Jeffersonville, said, “It looks kind of fishy when the federal government has gone into the car business” and is investigating its competitors in that industry.

    Daniels said the government is treating Toyota more harshly than it has treated other automakers.
    A Transportation Department spokeswoman said Wednesday in reply to the governors' concerns that safety is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's “singular priority.”

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    Feb 2008
    Toyota actually tried to hide defects as far back as 2003??

    Feb. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Former regulators hired by Toyota Motor Corp. helped end at least four U.S. investigations of unintended acceleration by company vehicles in the last decade, warding off possible recalls, court and government records show.
    Christopher Tinto, vice president of regulatory affairs in Toyota’s Washington office, and Christopher Santucci, who works for Tinto, helped persuade the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to end probes including those of 2002-2003 Toyota Camrys and Solaras, court documents show. Both men joined Toyota directly from NHTSA, Tinto in 1994 and Santucci in 2003.

    Doing a Mitsubishi eh?

Toyota Recall - Accelerator Pedal may get stuck [merged]