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    Oct 2004
    how does it compare to Grandis, magka-level ba sila? both were on viewing sa ATC during the weekend.

    the Grandis have the tranmission stick on the dashboard and i find it kewl! the aircon vents for the 2nd and 3rd row on the sides.

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    Jan 2005
    The Grandis and Innova belong to a different level. Grandis is a bit more upscale in terms of interior refinements. The numerous seating configuration of the Grandis is by far the best among mpv vehicles. It also has fold flat seats on the 2nd and 3rd row for more storage when you need it.

    The price of the Grandis though is too high making the Innova a great buy. I think the Grandis should be only around P 1.2-1.25 only.

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    Sep 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by badkuk
    me innova on display sa toyota megamall. frankly i'm dissapointed at the third row seats. mas comfortable pa ata ung sa lumang revo

    mas van ang dating nya kesa auv, until you take a look at the third row
    i disagree on this, i own a revo with converted 3rd row front facing.. nakita ko na yung innova and tried to sit on 3rd row... mas comfortable yung 3rd row ng innova dahil you can put your feet under the 2nd row.. sa revo eh pedeng manigas ang paa mo hehe.... i think kahit sa long drive eh okay pa rin 3rd row ng innova..

    regarding sa luggage space, meron solution yan, pedeng lagyan ng spider net para masiksikan ng gamit up to headrest.. ..

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    Feb 2005

    Got my Innova yesterday.....

    Nice ride i see here...

    D4D, Matic, G variant....

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    Oct 2003
    punta ka ng EB this friday innova_boy! pa-test drive naman sa mga tsikoteers! :lol:

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    Feb 2005
    san at where ba eb sa friday??

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    Feb 2005
    pa-test drive??.... hmm.....

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    mahaba haba yung diosdado macapagal... magandang magtest drive dun

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    Feb 2005
    diba puede sa road 6-24 mas mahaba yun i think... he he he..

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    innova_boy: EB this friday, shell Diosdado Macapagal 3PM, PM carlocaraddict for more details, there will be an event outside pricemart called street show off.

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