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    Sep 2003
    some pics from carlocaraddict...

    others were from internet..

    direct-rail daw ang diesel at VVTi na ang gas.. sana hehe

    parang low-end na previa.. ito na kaya bagong auv? hehe
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    Sep 2003

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    Oct 2002

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    Sep 2003
    some pics

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    Sep 2003

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    woah looks nice... how much would that cost? with a vvti engine sure over 1M yan.

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    Sep 2003
    more pics..

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    Sep 2003
    Ganda, kaso parang ndi na sya mukang AUV

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    Sep 2003
    no idea yet with the cost.. from what i heard, i-keep pa rin nila yung current design ng revo sa mga low-end models, tapos yung bagong body eh sa higher models... similar to what they did sa FX body..

    eto yung news..

    From Global Auto Insider for the week of July 05,

    By Sushant Balsekar and Peter Yap
    BOMBAY - Toyota plans to launch its Innova MPV in
    approximately seven countries within months of its
    upcoming international debut. It is expected in Indian
    showrooms by February 2005.
    The Innova, which is two generations ahead of the
    current Qualis, has been conceived for Asian markets
    to replace the current Kijang (in Indonesia), Unser
    (in Malaysia), Zace (in Taiwan and Vietnam), Condor
    (in South Africa) and Tamaraw (in the Philippines).
    All are the same vehicle with different names for
    different markets. It is not clear whether the Innova
    will replace the Qualis in India, but what's likely is
    that the Qualis will continue to be sold only in rural
    markets where it is hugely popular as a commercial

    The Innova (code: 692N) is based on Toyota's IMV (for
    Innovative Multi-Utility-Vehicle) or Hilux platform.
    In fact, Toyota has been testing the Innova's engines
    in the Hilux pickup, which has been spotted on Indian
    roads. This obviously is a red herring, as the Hilux
    isn't going to come to India and is only a mule for
    the Innova's mechanicals.

    The Innova will come with gasoline and diesel engine
    options. The gasoline engine is a two-liter, 136 hp
    unit with variable valve timing. It promises to offer
    class-leading performance and refinement. The diesel
    produces 102 hp and 147 lb.-ft. of torque. The diesel
    (code: 2KD) is based on Toyota's advanced D-4D engine
    originally developed for the passenger car range. This
    2.5-liter, direct-injection, common-rail, turbocharged
    unit complies with Euro III norms and comes with a
    sophisticated oil maintenance management system, which
    helps reduce operating costs by extending service

    According to company sources, the engine is likely to
    be sourced from Thailand and the five-speed gearbox
    from the Phillippines. The Innova is built on a
    conventional ladder or body-on-frame (BOF) chassis.
    but, unlike other UVs or MPVs in this class, it comes
    with coil springs at the rear while the front
    suspension uses conventional double wishbones.

    The Innova comes with fatter rubber and rides on
    205/65 R15 Bridgestones or Goodyears.

    Built on a generous 108.2-inch wheelbase, the Innova
    comfortably accommodates three rows of seats and is
    expected to come with class-leading interior space.
    The interiors are expected to be quite premium with
    fabric and materials similar to the Corolla.

    Three versions each for the diesel and gasoline modes
    are expected - two with an eight-seater or a
    two-three-three configuration and a seven-seater,
    presumably the top-of-the-line model, which has
    captain seats in the middle row.

    The styling is very contemporary with a minivan or MPV
    'cab-forward' silhouette. The grille and lights are
    very striking and modern; they borrow styling cues
    from the Previa and LandCruiser. The rear tailgate
    swings upwards like the Qualis, and the pyramid-shape
    lights look pretty good.

    Word is Toyota plans to introduce the base version of
    the Innova in the US$13,300 bracket, which puts it on
    par with the Qualis. The top-end version could stretch
    to US$19,600 and is expected to be fully loaded with

    To introduce its latest product at such a competitive
    price is astonishing, but Toyota, the master of cost
    management, plans to introduce the Innova with 80
    percent local content from day one. In addition, at
    last year's Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota officials hinted
    that the Innova was designed and developed outside of
    Japan, which helped save substantial costs.

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    Dec 2003
    damn... looks like previa..... tsk tsk....

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