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    Apr 2008

    suzuki ko dati nagun e2 na naglagay stickers and sound set up.

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    Apr 2008
    and hindi naman yan basta basta tataob look at my speed 115kph hindi ko lanmg nakunan 120kph eh..

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    Jul 2006
    ito image bossing. verified ko na siya na 88 model. magkano ba going rate ngayon ng ganyan model no local? para kasing mahal sa 95k kung 20 years old na.

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    Apr 2008
    bibili sana ang tito ko ng Super Carry na dropside para sa farm nya. sabi daw 4x4 with 3 cylinder engine. ok ba yan?

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    Jan 2008
    ang alam ko suzuki carry especially yung may mga flatbed at 4x4 were built and used by japanese for FARM use and hauling cargo.. LOW Gear ang mga suzuki carry / van kaya malakas yan sa kargahan pero makupad sa highway

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    Nov 2006
    i would disagree...only the 4x4 f6a 3 cylinder engines are slow in highways due to increased torque output distributed to the 4 wheels. the non 4x4 variants are fast, mind you.

    happy watching to those who never watched these videos: :p

    some videos to prove my point:
    [ame=""]YouTube - Suzuki Carry Pick-Up '82 Turbo[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - Japanese Mini-truck Drifting[/ame]

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    Jan 2008
    *j-six, makupad sya in the sense na mabagal sa arangkada!! you have to rev the engine higher if you want speed and power that is what i mean na MAKUPAD...have you checked your speedometer?? max speed for most suzuki vans is 120kph to 140kph!! Stock engine suzuki F6a, or F5, for these kei class vans were built with a LOW gear transmission to compensate for the small engine.. i'm saying this because i also have a suzuki van..and yes it can go 120kph but at what rpm?? its almost 6000rpm!!! while in my kia carens i can do 160kph at less than 4000rpm.. engine at that rpm is stressed and can be a cause for early wear and tear of engine parts..

    suzuki vans in the video you posted were modified and enhanced to do drift and race.

    if you see kevin3000 speedometer 120kph is max speed.. how long can you maintain that speed?? sadly he doesn't have a tachometer to gauge engine RPM but im sure its already at 6000RPM or more..

    these vans can be used in highways since minimum speed is 60kph and max speed is 80kph - 100kph.. i've tried it at NLEX when we went to bulacan with 5people on board i try to drive the van at 100kph at 5000rpm it was stable on the road but you can hear the engine under stress i hold it for 10 mins and slow down again to 80kph

    makupad talaga suzuki sa highways especially when overtaking long vehicles like bus and trailer trucks..but it can do the max speed if you want...

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    Mar 2008
    mga sir tip naman po sa fuel consumption ng kie planning to buy 1 kasi baka yun 4x4 for everyday use..tip naman po sa mga mga suzuki

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    Apr 2008
    sir yapoy tama kayo pero sa 660cc sa tingin mo ba mbagal pa yun? of course yang carens mo 160kph-4000rpm oo pwede kasi mas malaki engine mo and bago yan if compare mo sa zuki na 660cc na 14years old talagang mas matulin yan..

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    Apr 2008
    sir mukhang hindi maganda ang pagcompare mo suzuki every vs kia carens hah
    sir una yung kia carens mo malaki engine pangalawa bago yan and it cost about a million and as you will see our suzuki is just a 660cc 14 years old and cost about 140k
    of course sayang naman yang million peso car mo if 160kph-6000rpm..
    makupad talaga suzuki sa highways
    at sir sana naman wag lahatin pwede naman suzuki carry or suzuki every
    as you will see you typed suzuki you mean lahat ng suzuki ay mababagal
    and dapat inindicate mo na suzuki every yan what if mabasa yan ng ibang suzuki owners
    baka awayin ka pa..

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