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    Jan 2008
    thanks for the tips..

    anyway i just need where to buy brandnew suzuki every/multicab shock absorbers and shock mounts... if ever na wala brandnew baka pa re-build ko na lang sa zee or cruven.. nakita ko na sa thread tong zee eto din pala yung cruven same lang pala sila ng service..akala ko auto supply to eh..

    that is only my concern sa Every.. very high rpm kasi ang engine at high speed and baka pumotok engine block pag matagal na??. 6000rpm at 120kph kaya malakas na sa gaso pag mataas rpm ang takbo pero pag maintain sa 3000rpm to 4000rpm matipid naman kaso 60kph to 80kph lang ang speed

    i have changed my rear wheel bearings medyo maganit na eh.. and when i check the bearings ang laki ng mga bearings sa rear talagang designed for heavy ko naman yung front suspension parts...

    btw: i've seen sa may nagbebenta ng suzuki parts taga cabuyao laguna madami din sya SGP parts for zuk kei vans.. di ko pa na try bumili pero mukhang ok naman

    lahat naman ng cars eh pollutant as long as it burns fuel pollutant pa din kahit EFI or CRDi engine pa yan kahit LPG still contributes to pollution.. EFI engines deteriorate their ability to control emissions lalo na pag OLD na ang engine and same with others...the only thing is these technology improves the way fuel is burned and make it more efficient...most crdi diesel engines you cannot smell the "stench of diesel" katulad nung amoy ng mga old diesels.. you smell nothing at all and at least you can smell is like burned alcohol instead..

    btw: i've already indicated "suzuki every" (others are calling it suzuki scrum)pertaining to these kei vans and not to "every suzuki" also thread title indicates the types of suzuki vans..

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    Apr 2008
    pards sumama ka nalang sa mg
    a eb's namin

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    Feb 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by yapoy86 View Post
    *j-six, makupad sya in the sense na mabagal sa arangkada!! you have to rev the engine higher if you want speed and power that is what i mean na MAKUPAD...have you checked your speedometer?? max speed for most suzuki vans is 120kph to 140kph!! Stock engine suzuki F6a, or F5, for these kei class vans were built with a LOW gear transmission to compensate for the small engine.. i'm saying this because i also have a suzuki van..and yes it can go 120kph but at what rpm?? its almost 6000rpm!!! while in my kia carens i can do 160kph at less than 4000rpm.. engine at that rpm is stressed and can be a cause for early wear and tear of engine parts..

    suzuki vans in the video you posted were modified and enhanced to do drift and race.

    if you see kevin3000 speedometer 120kph is max speed.. how long can you maintain that speed?? sadly he doesn't have a tachometer to gauge engine RPM but im sure its already at 6000RPM or more..

    these vans can be used in highways since minimum speed is 60kph and max speed is 80kph - 100kph.. i've tried it at NLEX when we went to bulacan with 5people on board i try to drive the van at 100kph at 5000rpm it was stable on the road but you can hear the engine under stress i hold it for 10 mins and slow down again to 80kph

    makupad talaga suzuki sa highways especially when overtaking long vehicles like bus and trailer trucks..but it can do the max speed if you want...
    sorry guys but i just had to butt in on this. i think youre confusing your selves about arankada or acceleration and top speed. arankada or acceleration has much to do about the available torque at a specific rpm range of the engine. top speed on the other hand is dependent on the hp rating of an engine combined with the gearing of the transmission usually the 4th gear. now suzuki having started in the automotive industry through motorcycles are used to small displacement, high revving engines. what ive notice with the F6 engine is that it revs up easily as if its flywheel had been lightened. ive also noticed that most of its usable power and torque are only available at higher rpms. the short gearing of the transmission i think is a compromise made by suzuki engineers to give the carry, every, scrum or whatever you want to call it, a torquy feel on low gears, which in my opinion is within the 1st three gears. thats why you find your self shifting from 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear in a matter of seconds. the 4th and 5th gears on the other hand in my opinion are pretty long gears, so high speeds are also attainable as not to find your self crawling in the highway at high revs.

    these minivans have SMALL bodies mind you, the length of our minivan is actually shorter by a few inches compared to our kia pride hatch. there pretty light weight too, its the large cargo area of the van that the suzuki engineers are anticipating for heavier loads.

    kaya naman mag 120 sa highway, but what for? diba lahat naman tayo nag titipid sa gas, ass hauler pa naman yang dala mo hindi naman sports car. and why do you need to maintain 120 kph longer, may balak ka bang sumali sa le mans?

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    Apr 2006
    mga bossing dami ko natutunan sa thread hingil sa sasakyan na ito, nais ko lan malaman kun saan makakabili ng supercarry? meron ba brandnew na ganito at mga magkano.

    nagcheck kasi ako sa web ng suzuki commonwealth pero ang nakita ko ay 4cylinder 1.3lit na imbes 3cylinder

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    Nov 2006
    bro vegettasaiyan, IMHO, wala nang benta na brand new suzuki super carry. there is no 1.3L 4 cylinder engine installed to it, only 1L. one thing is sure, you could only get it secondhand.

    *pseudoki: yup tama ka dyan with 60pesos to the liter now going on.

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    Jul 2008
    hi, cno po my binebenta na engine ng [SIZE=3]suzuki[/SIZE] multicab na turbo. tnx

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    Jan 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by pseudoki View Post
    what ive notice with the F6 engine is that it revs up easily as if its flywheel had been lightened. ive also noticed that most of its
    have you seen an open F6a engine?? these engines are fitted with much heavier flywheel.. that is because the 660cc 3cylinder engine will stall every time you rev it up and release the throttle... if the flywheel is light it will stall upon reaching the idling speed... heavy flywheel will keep the engine rotating when going back to its idling speed

    well i've been using the suzuki every for my daily trips kasi usually ako lang naman mag isa... i use it every where in high way or city ok na ok naman.. although totoo yung tinatangay ng hangin at parang tataob pero sa una lang pala... but based on my experience at pag nasanay ka na i-drive sya hindi naman pala tataob ito kahit biglang liko at kahit may bus pa na dumaan hindi na ako natutulak kasi i've learned to control the vehicle.. 60kph lang takbo ko sa highway kasi ito yung optimal speed nya higher than that your FC will suffer.. ngayon pa na 61 pesos na ata ang gaso

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    Oct 2002
    Guys, any recommended reputable dealer/seller of the Zuk mini truck in Cavite?

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    Nov 2006
    mugen pare sa imus cavite. pls do also check our site at . marami kang makukuhang info samin before buying the suzukis.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by j-six View Post
    mugen pare sa imus cavite. pls do also check our site at . marami kang makukuhang info samin before buying the suzukis.
    San po malapit yong Mugen? I mean any landmark sa Imus?
    I will check them out this Sat. Sana makakita ako ng F6 na 2wd, preferrably not white.

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