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    Dec 2004
    i saw one already. ok naman, di nga lang pde pag 4 kayo sasakay kasi maliit talaga un alto e.

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    Oct 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by webmiester View Post
    Slightly off-topic, but not that off topic:

    Does the LTO still require Taxis to be colored white? Kasi Ive been seeing many taxis na red, tapos dumadami na rin yung yellow and green color...

    Kasi if not required, then maybe the Suzuki Alto Taxi would really be nice if we are able to give it a nice color to stand out... yung mga kulay pink siguro, hehehe

    Puede payagan yan idea mo with matching woman driver. Sa Europe ata meron na, pink taxi for women driven by women.

    I think i saw it on CNN.
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    Oct 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by serial_killer View Post
    *pitbullz..hehe..mag taxi driver nalang ako para kumita..hirap empleyado.

    sana next week approve nako.

    makapunta na nga lang ng showroom bukas at makapag test drive ng alto para magamot kamay ko..
    Ginawa ko yan for 2 years.

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    May 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by drey View Post
    This should be a challenge to the manufacturers... Para di na sila mag fund for motorsports since here they can really observe test real world non-stop abuse for the cars they are selling.

    They should pay the taxi driver as well, dun sila mag research for weak points ng kotse.

    i strongly agree with this. sa taxi talaga masusubukan ang tibay ng sasakyan.

    the lancer itlog failed miserably sa taxi. bihira na ngayon ang taxi na ganito. so far standout pa rin ang toyota. yung mga new vehicles will be tested pag dating ng panahon.

    mga common problems/strengths na naencounter ko with different makes ng car
    1. Isuzu Gemini - matipid sa fuel talaga. yun nga lang mausok. then wala nang taxi nito kasi phased out na. ideal taxi of its time

    2. kia pride LX and cd5 operated around 1994-98 namin - sobrang hina ng pangilalim. sa masamang taxi driver, lagi namimis align kasi wala siyang matibay na suspension arm na totoo. ok naman ang a/c. depende na lang talaga sa maintainance.

    3. lancer itlog operated namin from 2003 to current - masama pang ilalim sa likod. common na yung may daga sa likod. modifications needed para hindi magnegative camber. ganun pa man, consistent kelangan ang check up ng pang likod. masarap a/c ng lancer like the sentra series 3. then maganda din ang pang harap niya. hindi kalampagin yung harap.

    4. sentra series 3 - so far ok talaga siya like toyota. masmatibay yung likod niya and masmadali siyang imaintain pag dating sa underchassis ng pang ilalim. ganda din a/c. yun nga lang masmagastos i-maintain kasi naka powersteering pa and stuff. pero matibay talaga.

    5. toyota bigbody/lovelife - imo, ideal for taxi in its time. badtrip lang dito na sakit niya is tulo sa windshield, kalampagin yung steering column. easiest to maintain. dami pa surplus parts.

    so far yan lang inabot ko. we've yet to test the sentra GX 07. pag bumibili ka ng car for taxi purpose, siguraduhin ang tibay. it will be cheaper to maintain and less headaches in the future.

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    Aug 2007
    Ive also seen Hyundai na taxi... tatagal kaya ang mga ito?

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    Aug 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by MAXBUWAYA View Post
    Very true!

    Kaya I never believe those Motoring media testing cars on Race tracks. I mean who drives that fast anyway? (Maybe 1 in hundred?) And that smooth road of a racetrack is not the real thing that is out there.
    Actually, you'd be surprised.

    While the track cannot simulate the metal corroding or rubber becoming brittle over time, everything else is affected by track driving.

    One kilometer on the racetrack is comparable to more than ten times that many kilometers on the road. A clutch that lasts for 50,000 to 100,000 kilometers on the road may give out after just ten kilometers on the track. Drivelines clunk and clatter, and CV Joints and driveshafts are subject to more abuse than they'll ever see on the road.

    Suspensions bottom out, shock absorbers fail. Rubber bushings shred under the pressures of hard cornering. Alignment comes undone. Wheel bearings fail. Brakes overheat and warp. Body integrity is severely compromised as body bolts vibrate and come loose. Interior trim may fall off completely.

    Engines are worked hard, and engine bay temperatures get hot enough to destroy fragile electronic sensors inside the bay. Any engine that can survive an endurance race in stock form (note: both the Honda Civic 2.0 and the Focus TDCi have proven themselves in this arena... my Lynx? Ha! I'd be surprised if it could survive more than thirty minutes of straight racing.) is probably much stronger than its competitors.

    Racing helps improve the breed. Thanks to its racing pedigree, the Focus is a more robust product than its sister car, the Mazda3. Racing development gives Honda engines a combination of power, economy and durability that most other manufacturers struggle to match. Subaru's world-class suspensions owe a lot to rally development, which has granted Subarus with a suspension that's well-controlled, supple and has a long range of travel... which means your average Subie can deal with potholes better than your common Civic or Corolla.

    Not all racing improves the breed (note the Optra World Touring Car... ), but it does have its place in defining what a car is capable of and capable of withstanding.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Aug 2003
    agree with sir niky. i myself drive like an old lady, but it's also good to have someone constantly pushing the limits, someone who asks "why not?" while the rest of us mere mortals are asking "what the h*ll for?"

    sorry napa OT na B)

    sana nga the alto would be as successful as the multicab is in the provinces. i'm always a sucker for underdogs B)

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    Apr 2008
    pano ka kukuha ng line? hindi na diba nagpapafranchise ang lto? mostly un with the car na sya packge.used na sya...

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    Nov 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by tph View Post
    yaan nyo na yung mga vios

    mukha pong di mangyayari yung taxi na alto...kasi papano pag group of 4 sila tapos may mga gamit pang mabigat... tapos size 13 lang gulong na manipis hehe
    nagawan na ito na taxi mind you bro. i saw 3 on the road yesterday, so ano ngayon ang LTO, liars kaya regarding sa pagbawal sa alto as taxi?

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    Oct 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by pitbullz View Post
    * karlo:

    pre ganito na boundary mo yang alto taxi mo tapos magtrabaho ka. then pag hatid sunduin mo na lang sa iyo yun driver :D o,di ba ok? try mo din yun sentra

    Hindi puede yon, wala na kikitain driver saka 4 na oras na kaagad kakainin sa sa byahe dahil hindi mo alam kung nasaan ang sasakyan mo pag susunduin ka na. Nag taxicab business ako dati at sa umaga hinahatid ko kapatid ko sa school then susunduin ko naman sa hapon.

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