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    Jul 2004
    team pilipinas makes a spirited run in the 3rd quarter and cuts china's 25 point lead to only 15 points entering the 4th quarter

    hope springs eternal

    EDIT: and the hope goes pffffttttt !!!!!!!!!!!

    how can you defeat a team where even their big men can make their jumpshots, hit 3 pointers while we can't even hit our 3s and jump shots or miss easy put backs

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    Nov 2008
    inaalat ang shooting ng team pilipinas...

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    Jul 2004
    pandak na nga tayo, saksak pa ng saksak, hindi pa maka shot ng 3s consistently

    the only way to defeat these taller teams is for us to be a legitimate outside threat

    obviously, other countries DO NOT respect our 3 point shooting

    in the China game, there are a lot of times when our big men were give all the space from outside the arc

    our big men better learn to shoot 3s and shoot them well

    OR, is it too late for that already as they should have done that the past 3 years of the gilas program


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    Nov 2010
    Outside shooting talaga important sa team natin dapat. Kasi maliliit nga tayo so we need it badly. Plus sa international games, zone defense prevails kaya mas mahirap umiskor sa painted area.

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    Sep 2005
    PHL vs Jordan, Monday * 3.30pm
    PHL vs Japan, Tuesday * 6.00pm
    PHL vs Syria, Weds * 6.00pm

    delikado tayo sa Japan.. sana makapag laro na sila Lutz and Lassiter!

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    Jul 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by _Qwerty_ View Post
    PHL vs Jordan, Monday * 3.30pm
    PHL vs Japan, Tuesday * 6.00pm
    PHL vs Syria, Weds * 6.00pm

    delikado tayo sa Japan.. sana makapag laro na sila Lutz and Lassiter!
    do we need to sweep all of these games to get a shot at the championship?

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    Sep 2005
    malayo pa yung championship.. may quarter finals pa...

    we need to win 2 out of 3.. carry over ang win loss vs active teams (win and loss don sa mga na eliminate na eh tanggal na)..

    Team W L Pts GA
    I.R.Iran 2 0 4 2.41
    Korea 2 0 4 1.46
    Lebanon 1 1 3 1.07
    Ch. Taipei 1 1 3 0.98
    Malaysia 0 2 2 0.64
    Uzbekistan 0 2 2 0.51

    Team W L Pts GA
    China 2 0 4 1.25
    Japan 2 0 4 1.22
    Philippines 1 1 3 1.20
    Jordan 1 1 3 1.03
    Syria 0 2 2 0.76
    UAE 0 2 2 0.67

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    Sep 2003
    goodn luck na lang......

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    Jul 2007
    the team should shoot better beyond the arc to have a good chance in the next round. yung mga guards natin ang hilig pumasok sa loob. eh ang lalaki ng mga kalaban.

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    Sep 2005
    Lutz, Lassiter cleared to play for SMART-Gilas game vs Jordan | InterAKTV

    SMART-Gilas Pilipinas national team swingmen Marcio Lassiter and Chris Lutz will finally get clearance to see action in the ongoing FIBA Asia Championship.

    A highly-placed basketball official told InterAKTV that the two Filipino-American players will be cleared to play before the start of the SMART-Gilas’ second round campaign on Monday.

    “Their clearance is to be signed by Patrick Baumann, FIBA secretary-general, anytime now,” wrote the official, who requested anonymity, in a text message to InterAKTV late Sunday night.

    Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas executive director Sonny Barrios said that his office is still awaiting official communication from FIBA.

    “Nothing official yet on my end,” wrote Barrios in a text message. “I hope it is true, but we have to wait for official written decision before I can officially confirm.”

    The SBP decided to raise the matter to the FIBA leadership in Switzerland after hitting a roadblock with FIBA Asia officials. Lassiter and Lutz missed all three of the national team’s games in the first round of competition after eligibility issues were raised against them by FIBA Asia deputy secretary-general Hagop Khajirian.

    For its part, the SBP maintained that the provision cited by Khajirian only applied to naturalized citizens. Lassiter and Lutz, who are each born to a Filipino parent, are considered natural-born citizens.

    Several players from Qatar and Syria were also banned from playing for similar issues.

    During the two players’ absence, the Filipinos were forced to play with a 10-man rotation, but they were able to salvage two wins of their first three matches to advance to the next round.

    With Lassiter and Lutz joining SMART-Gilas in action, the team’s wing rotation has become deeper and will certainly give the squad a big boost in their 3:30 p.m. encounter against Jordan on Monday.

RP Smart Gilas team in action