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View Poll Results: how much is your monthly electri bill

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  • 2k-4k

    36 36.36%
  • 4k-7k

    32 32.32%
  • 7k-9k

    9 9.09%
  • 9k and up

    23 23.23%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Jan 2005
    less 1K+ or above ng konti samin. Lahat ng appliances na di ginagamit binubunot ko... nag-eat up pa din kasi ng current yon... di na ako nagstore ng food sa ref kaya minsan patay siya. Yung mga labada hang muna habang pinapattuyo para pag plantsa mas madali. Di na rin ako halos nag TV or PC samin.

    Yung mga energy saving devicees ba nagwowork ba yun? Yung college prof ko nagexplain na hindi nababawasan ang energy consumption bagkus maximizee lang ang power output nito... sino na nakakagamit sa inyo?

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    Oct 2002
    sa amin 1.5k-2.5k

    tatlo lng kami sa bahay, may A/C kami pero bihirang bihira gamitin. ref lng lagi bukas, tv and electric fan madalas saka ilaw syempre. ung washing machine bihira gamitin. ung water pump madalas nga din pala gamitin, automatic kse e...mahal ng kuryente!

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    Oct 2002
    4k per month maximum (last bill was 3.2k), 2 aircon na maliit (1/3 hp lang) pero halos walang patayan yun.

    btw, do you know that an a/c will consume more electricity when it is used less? if you keep the a/c on the whole 24 hours it will consume less power, proven na yan. that is because it takes less energy to keep a room cool continously than to cool it down when it gets hot. if you shut off the a/c then the room gets hot, then the a/c works overtime and at full power cooling the room down when you turn it on. if you keep it running 24 hours then the room stays cool, the a/c only turns on when the room temperature rises but the power consumption is minimal since it does not need to work so much. additionally you can set the thermostat to a higher setting when there is nobody in the room. the room still stays cool and does not get hot, you only need to set the thermostat lower when someone goes in the room.
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    Feb 2005
    5k minsan 6k. Dito naman computer ang open the whole day. not much for tv, lights are turned off, off na den ang water cooler, ang malakas sa men yung pump ng tanke and a/c.

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    May 2005
    Tip # 1:
    The back of your refrigirator releases great amounts of wasted heat.
    You can use that heat to dry your wet clothes. Just hang it within
    the free space between the back of the ref and the wall.

    Tip # 2:
    During rainy season, your roof acts like a giant water collector.
    Design one end of your roof drainage to divert the collected rain
    water to a receptacle. You can use that collected rain water to
    flush your toilet. You can save electricity from your water pump.

    Tip # 3:
    If you have convenient space outside your house, you can cook
    using combustible materials you would normally throw away like
    old newspapers, used cartons, and other stuffs. There are cheap
    portable ovens you can buy specially for that purpose.


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    Oct 2002
    7K 3 A/C pero ang liit lang nung townhouse ko.

  7. Join Date
    Jan 2005
    4 k, centralized 2- 1.5 hp aircon bsta nkaset lang lagi sa 27 ang temp..suporta na lang with small fan....kailangan na talaga magtipid, sp. by using small wattage energy saving bulbs....

  8. Join Date
    Jun 2004
    Around 4-5k.
    Appliances commonly used:
    1 aircon used daily about 8 hours a day
    2 Computers
    Big ref
    Electric Stove + Oven

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    Jan 2005
    high 3k.

    it might go down if we get to replace our old ref. heheheheh...

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    Oct 2002
    di pala tayo nagkakalayo sa electric bills. here in FL i pay about $120 a month (what is that, about Php 7,000?) for a 4-bedroom house with centralized a/c (set 24 hrs at 75F), two pc's and a refrigerator/freezer that are on all the time, and 100% electric appliances (stove, microwave, oven, dishwasher, clothes washer/dryer)

    seems pretty close in absolute terms to what some of your bills look like.

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how much is your monthly  electric bill?