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View Poll Results: how much is your monthly electri bill

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  • 2k-4k

    36 36.36%
  • 4k-7k

    32 32.32%
  • 7k-9k

    9 9.09%
  • 9k and up

    23 23.23%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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  1. Join Date
    Jun 2005
    Mas tipid ba ang tatlong (3) standard electric fan versus isang (1) 1.5 HP na aircon used in the same duration? Hindi ko kase alam kung ilang HP ang isang stand fan.

    Summer na naman, kaya sigurado laki na naman electric bill natin dahil sa aircon. Tindi ng init minsan. Kailangan talaga mag-aircon ka na. Kapag electric fan lang, mainit din yung buga ng hangin para ka lang iniihaw ng buhay.

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    Oct 2002
    kainggit naman ung iba dyan!dati kami 5-6k but now coz its summer (or maybe coz of 12% EVAT) 7k na!2 laptops almost always on and 2 occasional desktops,2 a/c, big & personal province max na yata ung 2k =)

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    Sep 2003
    ako less than 2k pero super tipid hindi ko na gamit aircon ko.

    minsan dalawa tv bukas saka dalawa electric fan

    bihira kami magbukas nang ilaw kasi malaki mga bintana nang bahay namin malakas ang hangin at liwanag galing sa labas.

    Ref minsan pinapatay na sa gabi kinabukasan na lang bubuksan. Super tipid talaga pero nakaka 2k pa din kami

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    Sep 2005
    I average 1,3K a month. A/C is used 9 hours a day, PC and laptop is always on, TV is used 16 hours a day, and we never turn-off the ref.

    Last year we peaked at 1,8K a month until we switched from electric range to a gas range.

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    Jan 2006
    Equivalent prices would be P4k during winter when A/C isn't needed and between P6k - P8k during summer.

    We have 2 pc's, 2 laptops, 1 Mac Mini, 1 iBook, 1 eMac. 3 x 20" crt tv's, 1 x 27" crt tv, 1 x 32" lcd tv, 2 dvd players, 1 dvd recorder, 1 dvd player built into a tv, 1 (double sided) full-sized refrigerator with ice maker and filtered water, 1 regular full size refrigerator, 1 floor freezer....

    And yet, after all the above, the biggest chunk of our electric bill is taken up by the centralized A/C.

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    Dec 2005
    last bill namin dito batangas 7.7k

    6 a/c 8 hrs/day
    twin door ref 24/7
    washing machine 2x a week
    microwave 1x/day
    elec. oven 1x/week
    rice cooker 12/hrs/day
    water cooler patay parati
    elec fan
    2 TV
    CFL lahat ng bulbs
    at mga cellphone na china-charge

    manila 2,4k last bill
    1 a/c 8hrs/day
    personal ref 24/7
    rice cooker tuwing meals lang bukas
    boss, Dibidi
    water cooler
    CFL din lights

  7. Join Date
    Jan 2004
    500-800 lang bill namin dati from Mar 2003-Jul 2005. Studio type. hehehehehe.

  8. Join Date
    Feb 2005
    7 kami sa bahay

    1 hp aircon
    1 tv set 16hours per day
    1 pc 10 hours per day
    1 ref, bukas 24/7
    1 microwave (reheat ng ulam)
    1 washing machine (twice a week)
    1 flat iron(once a week)
    1 home theater system (at least 2 titles a week)
    2 exhaust fans
    5 industrial fans
    2 elect fans

    5k this summer.

  9. Join Date
    Jan 2003
    ....parang may mali sa bahay namen ah. our last bill was 9.9k, 2 a/c (yung isa split type), 3 ref, at deep well pump.

  10. Join Date
    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by aceshark
    last bill namin dito batangas 7.7k

    6 a/c 8 hrs/day
    tama ba ito? 6 aircons na gamit 8hrs/day + other electrical appliances, 7.7K lang ang monthly bill?

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how much is your monthly  electric bill?