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    Quote Originally Posted by Monseratto View Post
    Im sure TRAIN has nothing to do with it. :D

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    Ayon. Totally erased na ang legacy ng previous admins.

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    Gov't underspending leads to narrower budget deficit as of April

    MANILA, Philippines – The Philippines narrowed its budget deficit in the 1st 4 months of the year to P115.9 billion, after it posted a budget surplus in April alone, signaling that the government has been spending less than what has been budgeted.

    A budget deficit happens when expenses exceed revenues, while a surplus means revenues exceed expenses. Both are indicators of an economy's financial health.
    says there's a budget surplus in April

    govt should spend more

    pump it back into the economy


    the govt has been taxing the public more since january (train)

    what they should do is spend it

    so the money goes back into circulation

    (public sector deficit is private sector surplus, public sector surplus is private sector deficit)

    you don't take money from the private sector and sit on it

    you will deprive the private sector of money they would have made doing business with the govt

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    had a short text chat with an economist who works in the HK office of a european bank

    she analyzes emerging asia

    i had to ask an expert re something the BSP is doing

    i don't understand why the BSP would cut RRR

    as if there isn't enough inflation

    BTW, RRR means reserve requirement ratio which is the amount of money banks should set aside in ratio to deposits

    when you cut RRR, banks can lend out more money which unleashes liquidity into the financial system which causes inflation

    in case you missed it, the BSP just announced a RRR cut yesterday

    and there was a RRR cut in Feb

    if the BSP is fighting inflation, why the hell would they cut RRR?


    me: I don't understand what our central bank is doing. Inflation is rising so they just had a rate hike but they cut RRR today. Why would they want more liquidity in the system when they're fighting inflation?

    she: Well, the answer is rather simple - growth! They want to release liquidity to support GDP expansion, which doesn't need help obviously as it is already overheating with inflation rising so fast! But what the gov wants, it gets. But it will also get a weaker peso & more inflation


    there you go

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    no wonder PSEI rose 92 points yesterday

    the market loved the RRR cut

    but the peso didn't

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    USDPHP 52.60

    thanks to the RRR cut

    that's 100 billion pesos to be unleashed into the financial system

    now i'm convinced the BSP's priority isn't fighting inflation

    Their priority is growth

    they're willing to let the economy run hot

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    Slower growth, higher prices or more subsidies: Asia’s oil-related trilemma >> Manila Bulletin Business

    Malas timing ng closure ng Bora at paghihigpit sa mga tourist spots.

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    Report: a labor group is demanding national minimum wage of P800/day


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