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    Oct 2002
    meleagant8.. di pa ako naka setup, plano ko talaga sana kaya lang napurnada yung pera ko sa mmg.. ipon muna ulit ako. My main purpose in installing acoustifoam is to reduce road noise. pero i heard na mas gaganda ang output ng set up mo kapag naka acoustifoam. siguro mas rinig mo yung crispness ng sound dahil walang masyadong road noise na kalaban.

    boss theveed.. your right. daming bad effects kapag mali tire pressure (either over or underinflated). road noise, bad fuel milage, bumpy ride etc.. kala ko nga dati sira yung shocks, yung pala overinflated lang yung tires ko..

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    Oct 2002
    reducing the noise floor of your car will increase your sound system's efficiency on transferring clear sound to your ears...

    yun nga lang, bibigat ang kotse mo hehe

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    Nov 2002
    using visual inpection, pag tama ang tire pressure, how much of your tire should be on the floor? Kunwari pag flat d ba halos buong diameter nya nasa sahig. e pag ok, mga ilang inches?

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    Oct 2002
    you can't visualize proper tire pressure... there's no way unless your eye is keen enough to see 1mm of lift or whatever... Just get a decent tire gauge...

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    Oct 2003
    hey gonna revitalize this thread!

    Im planning on dynamatting my 2nd Gen CRV from what I've read. Only all four doors though cause I have no problem with engine noise.

    I have set up my sound system and noticed that there is only this thin plastic on the doors with white goo. Do you think dynamat would make a big difference on just the four doors, or at least something noticeable?
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    Jan 2005
    anong itsura nung acoustifoam

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    Oct 2002
    does anyone have any feedback on the Goodyear Ducaro GA tires? they're supposed to be quiet daw...

    wala na yata kasi nung Bridgestone Turanza GR-50 SS eh... or if ever, walang available sa size na kelangan ko 185/70/R13

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    Apr 2004
    sorry to resurrect this old thread. but the road noise is driving me crazy.

    pls tell me if what im doing is right: planning to use flashband on the doors, in case i want to have good sounds later on. maybe only a layer or too. for the floors, acoutifoam.

    another question: where do i buy acoustifoam? been too handyman in rob manila pero wala daw. same sa true value shang. or should i specify han gang brand?

    thanks all for your inputs.

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    Oct 2007
    morrisey, nakabili ka ng flashbands? acoutifoams? san ka nakabili? ako rin, plan ko maglagay.. pero may nabasa ako na dapat hindi asphalt-based un mga ilalagay, kasi daw madali matunaw especially dito sa pinas na super init.. baka bumagsak, specially kung sa ceiling ilagay.. i need to confirm kung asphalt-based ba o hindi ang flashbands..

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    Nov 2006
    asphalt based ang FlashBand. even the one i used - FlashingTape - is
    asphalt based. pero hindi naman bumagsak or anuman. mas ok pa nga
    daw siya kesa sa FlashBand kasi kelangan mo pang i blower or heat
    gun yung FlashBand para dumikit. yung FlashingTape ni-roll ko lang using AA size na battery.
    btw, kelangan mo lang linis ng mabuti at patuyuin yung didikitan mo.
    what i did was clean the driver side door first then tinutukan ko ng
    electric fan while i was cleaning the passenger side door. nung tuyo
    na i let it stay for a while pa ra mas sigurado akong tuyo na.
    (open doors)

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