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    Jan 2003
    ...shucks, dapat pinatulan ko na yung offer ng erpats ko nun mag-european trip (went to the US instead). the last time my folks were there puro kwento kung gano kamahal lahat ng bagay dun (so medyo malabo ko ma-afford na ngayon) and like what the others posted, pickpockets sa mga train stations.

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    Dec 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by yebo
    french girls
    di pwede kasamaa si commander hehehe

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    Dec 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by rockinrobin
    Wow kakainggit!!! A week in Paris is short... but better than not visit at all!!! If you don't have a package tour you can tour the city by yourself... personally, I suggest you do the tour by yourself. At least you can take your time to see the famous landmarks! There's a red double decker bus that goes around the city. You can ride the bus and take the whole tour to familiarize yourself or just go down everytime the bus stops... I think another bus arrives after several minutes.... plus the ticket is good for 2 days... so if you don't get to see the city for the day, you can ride again the next day!

    When you visit the arc de triomphe, go up so you can see the city from above... ganda ng view... same thing with the Eiffel tower. Also, visit the eiffel tower at night... my wife said ganda daw ng effects... too bad I wasn't able to visit it at night!

    If you read the Da VInci Code, checkout the places and paintings mentioned in the book!

    Other landmarks to see - Pompidu - cool building!
    - La Defense - I guess this is the modern side of Paris
    - Stad de France - you can tour the stadium also
    - FNAC - its the equivalent of AVANT (its not a landmark but if you're into gadgets... ok sya!

    Bon Voyage!!!

    thank you for the suggestions

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    Dec 2002
    To everyone who posted thank you for all your suggestions never thot you guys have so many ideas about paris

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what to see in Paris, France