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    Oct 2002
    hmmm, isang laktaw lang nde na iho honor warranty? tsk, baket kse ngayon pa nawalan ng pera huhuhu

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    Apr 2007
    oo nga ganun tlaga mga xuv, meron din ganun sa kotse, ung vios typ toyota. makapal din ung rear post. kaya sobra blind spot.

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    Nov 2006
    Hi Guys! the shocks of my xto just busted lng.. ok ba yung KYB na shocks?! I canvased here in Cebu and the price is 1,050 each... meron ba fake na KYB shocks? kasi parang masyadong mura yun price nya compare with the stock ones which cost about 3,500 dito.. Any ideas guys?! appreciate ur tips..hehe

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    Apr 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by wildthing View Post
    I saw the XUV and the sportivo sa casa (magkatabi kasi)....ang napansin kong difference lang ay:

    1) Seat - cover only
    2) HU - Sportivo have a video display for the reverse cam
    3) Fog lights - present on Sportivo
    4) Stainless/Chrome trims and mags - present on Sportivo

    If I were to dress-up the XUV to "behave" and look like a Sportivo...I don't think it would be that costly to reach the price of the Sportivo. IMO medyo overpriced ang Sportivo.

    Value for money, I think XUV would be good buy.
    other differences:
    1. seats: sportivo have leather , xuv-leatherette
    2. HU: sportivo-mp3,vcd,dvd. xuv-mp3,vcd,usb
    3. LCD: sportivo only
    we have a 2-month-old blazing gray 'tivo. kung ako lang, i would chose xuv but my brothers chose sportivo for the "dagdag accesories". di nako umangal kasi ako naman gumagamit lagi eh, advantage for me. hehe

    di masyado gamit samin ang lcd kasi kelangan umaandar makina while watching a video, or else patay battery mo. ok siguro for long drives or traffic pero i'm here in gensan kaya alang traffic problems.

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    Apr 2007
    sulit ba price diffrence ng sportivo over xuv if you add up the prices of the extra accesories ng sportivo (lcd,reverse cam, leather seats, fog lights), including installation?

    my brothers chose sportivo kasi sabi nila if we plan to add those accesories in the future, mas mahal pa aabutin. is it true? have no idea kasi how much yung mga yun in if you buy them separately in the market.

    one thing i hate nga pala with the 07 crosswind series is the spare tire cover.. they've changed the cover into grill-type, unlike the previous models na totally closed yung cover. disadvantage for me kasi we're living in a farm,everyday im travelling a 1.5km uncemented road. mas madami pa naa-acummulate na dust ng spare tire compared to the ones that are running

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    Aug 2004
    Depends on how much you value the accessories. I don't like the headrest TVs (we have them on the 04' XUVi), but I don't know if they changed suppliers. The colors on ours are kind of muddy, and they're nauseating to watch if you're driving long distance due to the vibration. IMHO, much better to get a bigger 7-inch roof mounted screen.

    The back-up camera is a nice idea, though. Don't know how much it costs outside.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Apr 2007
    oo nga eh, nakakahilo manood while travelling. i think it was designed for traffic jams in the metro. we've watched 1 movie pa lang since we have it. useless talaga.. my bros looking for a tv tuner that we can attach to it, so you have one? what brand? how much?

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    Aug 2004
    Don't have the tuner... we use the TV screens for VCDs.

    A tuner might set you back up to 20k, depending on the brand. Not sure where you can buy, though.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Apr 2007
    20k? no way! di naman ako titira sa sasakyan ko noh, i can buy a brand new tv with that na.

    thanks for enlightening me, di nako mangangarap bumili. ganon pala ka mahal. hehe. i'll watch tv at home na lang.

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    Jan 2007
    yup, i think you can buy a 21" tv at the price. i dont know about the old lcd's on the XUV, but ours seems to be ok naman. the back up camera is very usefull for me, and for those who are wearing very dark tint, no need to lower your windows while doing a reverse pag gabi coupled with the back up sensor its perfect sa ganong situation( im sure others who have dark tints can relate to that).

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