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    Oct 2004
    imo, that is not good: if they can't get the 'small' things done right (before nila i-release), what more yung malalaking bagay ???

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    Jun 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by ozcity
    baka naman Left Handed tires ang kinabit ng Toy CAsa?heheheheheh
    ay oo nga...tanga tanga ko ngayon ewan ko ba...i meant yong gulong pang left hand lane or right hand vehicles (like in Thailand daw). Yon.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by monmag
    ay oo nga...tanga tanga ko ngayon ewan ko ba...i meant yong gulong pang left hand lane or right hand vehicles (like in Thailand daw). Yon.

    sir mali pa din..dapat wala talagang kabig...natutuwa lang ako sa reasoning ng Casa..

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    Sep 2005
    ei psylocke, i think i know wer u got ur unit. guys just wanted to share my experience, i wasnt able to have my car changed even though factory defect na ang paginstall ng water sealant. napasukan ng tubig car ko sa loob bec of water leaks sa rear windsheild and honda cold heartedly refused to have car replaced. i know i could have brought this to legal matters, but what can this bring me? headache and waste of time, hassle pa. i posted here at car talk title: "city vtec (i need some advice)". last post was on september 24'05.

    i decided to have unit fixed and of course, i was compensated and a lot of freebies wer given, as we speak, the car is being serviced. I already reached the management of Honda Cars Philippines--laguna, and todo bawi cla to satisfy me.

    I brought the unit last monday and they provided me a service unit, i prefer that the car be inspected and repaired sa plant itself so that they make a quality control check for the second time for the whole unit.

    As for principle, psylocke, we bought a brand new car, and we expect that we receive a bnew unit without any defects. imagine, your problem is in the wheel alignment right? pumalpak na quality nila dun, what more sa ibang parts? what if while driving at 140kph and something untoward happens with the brakes or wheels? will honda be responsible for that?

    dats my reason, we dont have peace of mind anymore if we have this unit repaired, kasi we have no assurance na yung ibang parts nakabit (assemble) nila ng maayos.

    mine only had a mileage of 525kms bec it was brought here in manila from tarlac. i highly recommend that you push through your process of having the car considered as a lemon unit.

    process: pressure the casa who sold u the unit to have it replaced. casa should decide if this is to be considered as a lemon car. dnt go directly sa Honda Philippines, they are tough people to deal with. the dealership should be held repsonsible for ur problem bec they also failed to check that before releasing the unit.

    then: if dealership says "yes", they will be the one to process the change unit request from the plant at their cost.

    i hope you can get your unit replaced soon. but if your gonna have it repaired, make sure that u get compensated and get a lot of freebies. have the unit repaired at honda-laguna so that they can perform another quality control evaluation before releasing the unit to you. if it would take time before they completely repair this, they should provide you a service unit.

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    Oct 2002
    kung alabang nga iyan, wala ng duda, sila pinaka worst na CASA na naexperience ko. Kups pa ng SA dyan, parang laging nagaabangng padulas. And nakaexperience na ako pati ng discrimination (Hindi lang ako, a friend too) may time na mas priority nila taga
    Mas ok pang yung talyer dito kaysa dyan sa honda alabang na iyan!!!

    From what ive heard The Ayala owned Hondas maraming reklamo. Hindi maganda yata naging culture ng mga employee.Spanish culture perhaps?
    Go Britain!!!! hehehehehe

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    Oct 2002
    sabay mo din complaint sa DTI and Honda sa Japan. Just submit something for records sake.

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    Apr 2004
    ok ba sa Honda Shaw? papaservice namin kasi yung CR-V namin 1st 1k.

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    Oct 2002
    Bro in law ko wala namang reklamo sa Shaw...

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    Dec 2004
    i would be inclined to agree na the problem is with the alabang dealership...but in these two cases, it looks more like factory:

    when we got our crv in '03 from alabang, the rear seats were not screwed onto the floor...had to do it ourselves pagdating sa bahay. then after a couple of weeks, nauubos yung engine oil, as in talagang nag-bottom out. took it to honda marikina - fortunately maayos ang dealership na yon - repaired the gaskets sa oil pan, cause they identified na doon may leak...for free, cause covered ng warranty. since then, lahat ng service reqts nung crv, pati nung accord dun na sa marikina.

    a friend's pearl white '04 civic 2.0, again from alabang, had to be sent back because of uneven/unfinished paint which was chipping off sa may driverside scuff plate...sloppy paint job


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    Oct 2002
    remember the tank recall ng civic?

    a few days after the sent the recall out, an officemate of my brother in law taga shell was driving sa SLEX and the tank did fall off. Namatay yung car and he swerved all over, tinow yung car sa casa.

    He demanded for a new car (although 1.5years na ata yung car) or a replacement car.

    At first ayaw ng casa, after a while nagagree, but since wala daw silang pwedeng ipalit na bnew, mamili nalang daw sya among 3 service units ng casa. Yung isa CRV na AT, yung isa MT, yung isa Accord 2.0, all used pero mga 1 year old lang din.

    He took the AT CRV.

    Imagine kung nahulog tangke mo sa highway hehe.

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