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    Jun 2004
    me 140 lng and never do it again, coz i know someone na doing 180 to 200 naputukan ng gulong lasag-lasag ang katawan. Sarap yata mabuhay, maminsanan ka lang thats it. So if u luv speed, u Pray hard.

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    Aug 2004
    guys, let us all remember that speedometers are lying pieces of sh*t. :D

    Rev-limiter on most 1.6s are set so you will just about hit 180-185 in manual, and 175 in automatic... I've seen my speedo register 185 on my AT 1.6, and around 190 on my MT 1.3(with a full load!)... obviously, I don't have enough power on either car to actually be doing that, but it is reasonable to assume that's accurate +/- 10kph... more likely (-). :D

    Fastest I've gone in a straight line was in my 626 at around 200kph... maybe +5, as I had upsized to 17" mags and sports tires, and in my Ford Lynx RS (same engine, hehehe...) at 207kph (ran out of room, had a passenger), both on the Skyway in clear traffic.

    Fastest I've gone around a curve is around 150kph, on C5, late at night... under the bridge past the southbound exit to The Fort, with a 1.3 Sentra FE... it was lowered, with gas shocks, potenza grid II tires, and a big-ass wing... medyo stable pa sya... my chase car was a lowered Civic.... he gave up and slowed down kasi umuugong ugong na ung kotse sa g-forces... scary as hell.

    *ahem* suffice to say, I'll never do that again... at least not off-track.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Jul 2004
    niky, hardcore yan mga ginawa mo ah! baka pag ako gumawa niyan basa na pants ko! nyahaha

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    Sep 2003
    135 on 1990 liteace sa NLEX ..sagad na
    135 on 2000 revo diesel .. hindi pa naka-sagad pero ayaw ko na at baka bumigay.. 130 lang max nya dapat..
    130 on 2003 revo gas sa NLEX/coastal .. hindi pa rin sagad, 140kph ata max nito..

    hindi kasi stable revo at high speeds at medyo nakakatakot na, lalo na sa star tollway dahil semento dun..

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    Aug 2004
    Originally posted by glntVR
    niky, hardcore yan mga ginawa mo ah! baka pag ako gumawa niyan basa na pants ko! nyahaha
    Ehehehe... bata pa ako noon... still drive happily on occassion, but I'm more careful of my limits now... plus we sold that little racecar.

    fastest I've gone in a van or AUV was 155++KPH in a Mazda van... 1.8 gas, anlakas ng hatak... it was still accelerating, but I had to ease off kasi tumataas na ang temp nya. :p .putres, hindi chine-check ng driver ang tubig!!!... wehehehe...

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    Aug 2004
    mangagatog ang tuhod ko kapag nakasakay ako sa yo niky.

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    Aug 2004
    haha... that's what they all say... :D

    99% of the time, I am nice... ayaw nga ng fiancée ko ng mas mabilis sa 80 kph.

    When I'm driving normally on the Skyway, 100kph is just fine, 140kph if I'm in a hurry.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Sep 2004
    180 kph on a 1.3L i -dsi city on star tollway, havent had enough courage to floor the gas kasi am approaching the redline na pero sa tingin ko hahatak pa.
    I just tried it to test the salesreps theory that its a powerful 1300 kasi no additional load daw sa engine yung electronic power steering ng city compared to hydraulic power systems.

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    Jun 2004
    Ako naman ung dating 120 kph naging 150+ kph gamit yung honda accord. Car is stable at that speed and handles nicely, no rattles or squeaky sounds...
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    Jul 2003
    after reading the posts, medyo napaisip ako masyado pala akong mabilis magpatakbo talaga sa highway...

    normal running speed ko kasi talaga is 140-160kph... madalas 160kph. everytime punta ako ng pampanga, almost every sunday yan... papunta and pauwi same speed kahit gabi na.. sa NLEX naman kasi d mo napapansin ang speed, ang ingay lang ng makina hehe

    and sa startoll constant 160kph for around 2/3 of the 20km highway....

    btw, lahat ito rav4 4x2 lang ang gamit

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