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    Jul 2004
    curious lang ako..

    the fastest I've ever driven in the Philippines is 185kph. I was driving a 2003 (i think) CRV, on a new straight highway coming from Tuguegarrao. The road runs through farmland and there are few towns to make you slow down. I probably sustained 180 to 185 for a total of 30 minutes.

    so what's your fastest speed on local roads? Not that I'm encouraging speeding ;) ..just want to know if anyone else knows of places where to really go fast.

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    Jul 2004
    135 kph. a few more and i'll probably be pissin' in my pants...he,he,he...

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    Jul 2004
    nung binata pa try kong mag 160 kph sa NLEX using a 1990 box type nissan sentra..

    ngayong pamilyado na ako...60 to 70kph mabilis na sa akin...hehehe...

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    Oct 2002
    related thread: Watz ur fastest, longest & farthest TRIP?

    ako, 180kph sa katipunan, mga 2am.
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    Dec 2003
    While I was still crazy... Balintawak to Las Pinas and ingat sa humps... in about 15-20 mins. Car was 626, route is EDSA and SLEX. That is about 150-170 in EDSA, 170-190 in SLEX.

    As a passenger, when my papa was testing an Opel Manta in the early 80s for GM. 200-205 in NLEX.

    Although I had more fun back then with the Charade.

    Ngayon hindi na ako crazy and realized that what I did back then was bad for me and other people. Kaya I drive good now, pati hindi na ako sumisingit. My 2 cars are now trucks so that keeps me away from temptation. Sana more people like me gets to realize it in time before its too late for them or other people on the road. Kaya ngayon on the look out ako lagi for people like me before, mahirap na baka ako pa madali sa kalokohan nila. Please use the power of the car on tracks and not public roads.

    Sadly my elder brother still has not realized this and still runs as fast as hell. My papa to some extent too, not really fast although faster than me. Siguro slow siya compared to others, pero at his age its faster than most people in their late 60s. Kaya I avoid driving late night or early evening, kasi marami talagang may sira at still has not realized the value of life.

    Kaya ok din ang traffic and pot holes keeps people at bay.

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    Aug 2004
    140 kph gamit stock SiR....gusto ko pa sana bilisan kaso nga lang baka yariin ako sa mga potholes sa daan and yng mga uneven asphalts...

    sa EDSA dami nun akala mo humps sa gitna ng highway...hehehehe

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    Dec 2003
    130kph 97 Mazda Familia on Coastal Highway bound to Cavite. Bagal me eh. =)

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    Dec 2003
    Good for you Tiny. Going fast is like addiction. You want to faster and faster. Pero the public roads and people using the roads don't expect such fast speeds. There is a high risk of accident, buti kung ikaw lang at walang kang madamay na iba.

    Either get a truck or go to the tracks.

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    Dec 2003
    150-170kph pag pauwi ng bulacan sa madaling araw.. minsanan lang ito kapag feel ko lang humataw.. di ko pa naman sinasagad....

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    Jun 2004
    Around 120 kph using Ford Telstar / Honda Accord on the SLEX, usually i do this going home since my work ends at 4am and the roads are pretty clear, but i dont intend to go faster...

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