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    Nov 2010
    Mga sir ok po ba maging diesel additive yung 2T para sa 4Ja1? Anu po ba ang magandang additive para sa mga isuzu engines? TIA

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    Sep 2008
    Hi everyone,

    Has anyone tried diesel additive on CRDI engines like Innova D4D, Mitsubishi TID, or any CRDI engines.


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    Jun 2011
    mga sir tried and tested na po 2t OIL ON DIESEL ENGINES, use here and abroad..... except po sa latest model ng starex... may forum po dito yan use of 2t oil on diesel engines... use po yung ordinary lang non synthetic ratio is 5ml or 2t to 1 liter of diesel... daig pa po nyan ang petron turbo diesel at shell v power...

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    Jun 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by eugene emmanuel View Post
    btw, another comparison po mga sir on my pajero's fc with and without ferrocene..

    07 september 2009..without ferrocene
    filled up (autostop) at guimbal gas station..reset trip meter.
    travelled from guimbal to iloilo city then back to guimbal...
    (trip consisted of 49.4 kms of hiway driving and 12.2 kms of ct driving)
    re filled at guimbal (autostop) at the same gas station and same pump.
    consumed 5.114 ltrs
    trip meter at 61.6 kms
    fc mixed ct and hiway drive at 12 kms/ltr
    roundtrip costs Php 185.9 at Php 36.35/liter of diesel

    14 december 2010...with ferrocene
    filled up (autostop) at guimbal gas station..reset trip meter.
    travelled from guimbal to iloilo city then back to guimbal...
    (trip consisted of 49.4 kms of hiway driving and 12.6 kms of ct driving)
    re filled at guimbal (autostop) at the same gas station and same pump.
    consumed 3.842 ltrs
    trip meter at 62.0 kms
    fc mixed ct and hiway drive at 16.1 kms/ltr
    round trip costs Php 156.95 at Php 40.85/liter of diesel

    thanks ferrocene for the additional 4 kms/ltr, a 33% increase in fuel mileage.
    this trip is my typical route from hometown, to city proper doing some errands, then back to hometown..
    ive been using 2t oil for about 18k kms... so far so goood.... and its proven not only here at tsikot but also in the states for years... mahirap na gumamit ng ferrocene baka masira pa injection pump ko...!!! yung kasama ko po kasi gumamit ng diesel additive na can save daw 35percent sa fuel... parang tumipid nga daw po at lumakas ang hatak... then after 2 weeks lang of use nasira na injection pump nya... mukhang highly abbrasive yung nabile nya na additive... he bought it from a trade show sa may Q.C. HALL last year... INVENTORS WEEK ata ang title nung trade fair...

    kaya it just go for the one that protect the injection pump like 2t... at napakarami nang lumabas na fuel saving device, additive, etc... and based on the experience of almost all users... puro false ang claims nila... ive tried almost if not all fuel saving device and additives... kung meron man savings eh 3percent lang ang pinakamalaki... tapos napaka mahal pa... tapos SISIRAIN PA ANG INJECTION PUMP NYO.... MGA BUSSINESSMAN LAng ang nagsasabi ng ganito yan ganito yun... then meron pang mga testimonials... etc... then pag ikaw na ang sumubok sa umpisa para ngang.. effective.... then after a few days pag hindi mo na pinapansin yung fuel saving device or additive na yan... dun mo naman mapapancin wala palang pagbabago... at naloko ka pala... ULIT...

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    May 2008
    well, thats good sir..i also agree on using 2t as diesel additive..had also tried that myself..but i quit..just worried of the leaking seals issue.

    regarding using ferrocene, i dont think many shipping companies will have their entire fleets at risk of using ferrocene as their fuel additive. their machineries are far more "expensive" compared to our car's engines.
    we have been using that for 10 years and counting from small emergency generator engines up to large main engines as high as 5 story building and has 60 MT/day fuel consumption..
    and all we can say based on our field observation, that fuel, either diesel or bunker is burnt much completely compared
    to not using ferrocene.
    carbon deposits on piston, valves, turbocharger turbine blades are highly minimized.
    lube oil carbon contamination is also lesser.
    and our injectors/injection pumps, either big or small, just did fine..with no abnormal wear due to using ferrocene.
    TBN readings are also optimized with ferrocene.

    and another thing sir,
    i am not selling that fuel additive.
    i just want to test that fuel additive myself (on my automotive diesel engine), had my personal car as the guinea pig
    and posted here at tsikot my observation.
    and i am still using ferrocene for my diesel engine untill this time. (for almost 17500 kms with no negative issues regarding my injectors or injection pump)

    just wanna share sir.... dont wanna sell.

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    May 2008
    btw, that "ferrocene" instruction manual just stated its advantages with regards to complete carbon/hydrocarbon burnt out, thus lessening engine's destructive deposits. it didnt boasted itself for lessening ship's engines fuel consumption.

    i just wondered what wud be its effect on automotive engine's fuel consumption, thats why i tested it myself..
    and so found out that its effective on lessening FC..

    with regards to lessening engine carbon deposits, i cannot comment for now..
    i havent opened up my engine yet for inspection.
    well, tail pipe soot was lesser..
    but that was just "my" own observation..

    again, i was here just to share, not to sell.

    O.T. nga po pala sir,
    with regards sa nagpaloko "ulit"
    *its better na naloko kesa manloko...
    anything we do, either good or bad will eventually go back to us.
    anyway, money is just a piece of paper. we can still earn it.
    - well, thats for just me.


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