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    Sep 2011
    di naman sa anu.. peru hindi maganda talaga yung design na 11th generation. :hammer:
    sana retain nalang yung present corolla ngayun
    peru papatok pa rin yan. sa Iba, may bibili pa rin heheh :D

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    Oct 2002
    Hope they do changes for our market. They were doing it pretty nice already with the 10th gen facelift.

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    Jul 2007
    This is a "Japan only" model. Im quite sure this wont be the next gen Corolla for international market.

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    Jun 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by ghosthunter View Post
    what is this??? mukhang montero sport yung grille + headlights. mukhang china car. this just makes designers of the FB civic seem like pure design geniuses.

    ang panget!

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    Aug 2004
    Don't worry guys, this won't be the Corolla that we'll be getting next year. Expect a Sportier designed Altis in 2013

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    Oct 2005
    Said to debut in 2013 and will be loosely based on the Europe only Auris hatchback

    A rendition of Theophilus Chin

    Toyota will unveil the next-generation Corolla Altis sedan next year, and according to Toyota and Scion USA vice president Bill Fay in an interview with WardsAuto, the new Toyota C-segment sedan will be a clear departure from the outgoing model.

    According to Fay, the new Toyota Corolla will have an even more dramatic change than the recently-launched Toyota Avalon. The new Avalon is Toyota’s flagship sedan in the USA, one size up from the Camry. There were indeed big changes in the Avalon on both the exterior and interior. The Avalon now has a four door fastback coupe kind of look which reminds us of the Audi A7 from the side view, while the model it replaced looked like a bland giant Camry.

    We can expect the new American market Corolla to be used in our region as the Corolla Altis, as that was the way it was for the last few generations. There is stiff competition in the C-segment scene these days in both terms of design as well as value for money in terms of equipment, but in Malaysia the Corolla Altis continues enjoy the promise of reliability and good resale value that the Toyota badge brings. Still, an edgier design wouldn’t hurt at all.

    The renderings you see in this story by our resident automotive manipulator Theophilus Chin was inspired by the new Toyota Auris. Could this be the face of the next generation Toyota Corolla Altis?
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    Jul 2009
    The front looks like an evolution of the 10th gen.

    The rear and the overall body shape, like the Camry.

    Looks good. Hope it drives well too!

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    Mar 2009
    The front and the back doesn't go so well with each other, the front being sporty & all that while the rear being decent-looking & simplistic, similar to the Camry.

    Big change tho.

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    Dec 2006
    Looks different compared to the older Car and Driver rendering, in a good way. The overall shape is sharper yet neater. I like it.

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    Nov 2011
    I like! The back looks like the new camry though. But like padin :p

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