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    Sep 2003
    Originally posted by mbt
    baka toyota indonesia site...

    if they bring this thing over here, it will fill largely fill the mainstream SUV gap in the line-up (the gap that was previously filled by the terrano, trooper, and pajero before they outpriced themselves to oblivion). this segment is currently empty -- the compact SUVs slot in below 1.3M, while the next thing up the ladder is already above 2.2M (Patrol, Pajero, Prado; not counting the 1.9M mid-size SUV offerings from GM).

    although this thing really resembles a minivan more than an SUV.
    medyo lumalakas na rin kasi ang benta ng ford everest ngayon although hindi pa naman alarming sa toyota, last month na-beat ng adventure ang revo in terms of vehicles sold, sa tingin ko short term lang ito dahil overall eh lamang na lamang ang revo sa sales (yata hehe)

    for sure naman na i-keep pa nila yung current revo body maybe until 2007 as a low-end model, yung dating fx body nagbebenta pa rin toyota until 2000 pero nakalabas na yung revo since 1998..

    pero sana less than 1M yung D4D diesel na automatic ng bagong revo para marami makabili .. and sana kasing tahimik ng ford everest hehe

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    Feb 2004
    maingay po ang makina ng Ford Everest!, pansin ko ng i-break in namin yung sa in-laws ko byaheng Baguio!

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    Sep 2003
    at 80kph to 100kph, maingay pa rin everest?

    nung nag-test drive ako sa the fort eh tahimik na para sa akin compared to revo diesel and crosswinds

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    Aug 2004
    Originally posted by revoGSX
    at 80kph to 100kph, maingay pa rin everest?

    nung nag-test drive ako sa the fort eh tahimik na para sa akin compared to revo diesel and crosswinds
    i'd have to agree, the Everest has one of the most refined diesel engines available in the PH, its even a tad quieter than the Trooper's!

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    Oct 2002
    tahimik nga ang everest.... well siguro kung all your life eh gasoline vehicle ang ride mo, siguradong maiingayan ka sa mga diesel fed na vehicle dyan sa atin... but comparing the engine noise nang everest sa crosswind and revo...di hamak na tahimik ang everest....

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    Sep 2003
    got this info from other forums

    Copy & paste from today's Bangkok Post

    IMV to sire leisure vehicles

    MPV, SUV bodies to follow Vigo pickup

    Toyota's gigantic IMV (Innovative International Multi-Purpose Vehicle) project is set to break cover at the end of this month with the launch of a pickup to be followed by a raft of other body derivatives based on it.

    Known with codenames ranging from 692N-699N, the new Hilux will spawn regular, space and double cabs, as well as a sport-utility vehicle package to replace the Sport Rider and an all-new MPV.

    The IMV scheme kicks off with the regular pickup body which will now be called Vigo instead of Tiger.

    Sources said the IMV development _ part of Toyota's mighty multi-billion baht injection into Thai operations _ will utilise Asean Industrial Cooperation (Aico) trade privileges in order to reap the biggest amount of margins as possible to put the company in an even healthier financial situation.

    The IMV vehicles will be sold across global markets including those in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Australia and South America with the main bulk of development and production being centred in Thailand.

    Like the current Hilux lineup, the new models will come with either the 2.5- or 3.0-litre turbo-diesel featuring common-rail fuel injection, compliance with Euro III emissions standards and oil maintenance system that helps reduce operating costs by extending service intervals. Engine management systems are understood to be upgraded from the existing ones.

    Built on the same body-on-frame concept, the engines will be mounted longitudinally driving the rear wheels. Four-wheel-drive will also be available, as well as short and long wheelbases. Transmission choices include a four-speed automatic and five-speed manual.

    Thailand will be responsible for making engines for countries doing their own vehicle assembly, while the Philippines will be putting together transmission units.

    The replacement for the Sport Rider is claimed to be a better vehicle to drive than before, since its chassis dynamics can now be enhanced with other components not used in the mass-selling pickups.

    Last month, the Excise Department revamped the tax structure under which PPVs (passenger pickup vehicle) are now subject to 20% duty, although it has not been specified if such vehicles must use leaf springs on the rear suspension.

    As a result, Toyota _ as well as other makers like Isuzu, Mitsubishi and Ford _ can now equip PPVs with coil springs to improve ride comfort. Leaf springs will be left for models that are subject to load-carrying like the pickups.

    The new MPV _ to be called Innova as some Toyota insiders claim _ will come with three row of seats via a modern package that ditches the pickup-like front end in favour of a more modern cab-forward look. The grille and lights are also said to be contemporary in appearance.

    Like in the other body variations, the interior will be more avantgarde in feel than the utilitarian trimmings used in the current models. The dashboard, in particular, is said to be designed with more inspiration and style.

    Other markets may get 2.0- or 2.7-litre petrol unit with variable valve timing. It is yet to be confirmed for the Thai market that sees the usual D-4D diesels highlighting fuel economy and low running costs.

    The Innova will be pitched as a more outright people carrier to distance itself from the sporty Wish six-seat mini-MPV. Although the Innova will attract the PPV rate of 20%, its price will exceed one million baht, like the next Sport Rider.

    The Innova is most likely to be the effective replacement for the Kijang sold in Indonesia, Qualis (India), Unser (Malaysia), Zace (Taiwan and Vietnam), Condor (South Africa) and Tamaraw (the Philippines).

    The new Sport Rider _ coming with better driving manners and more upmarket looks and interior components _ would help answer the needs of those needing the Land Cruiser Prado at a more reasonable price.

    The Prado must now be taxed as a passenger car with the rate increasing from 29% to 50%, although Toyota has yet to make an announcement. This means that the Prado's alternative will be resurrected in the guise of the new SUV based on IMV, but taxed as a PPV.

    Other models in the IMV range will be fractionally higher than today's prices ranging from 400,000 to 900,000 baht for the regular cab versions up to the four-door double cabs. Slight increases are expected to be offset with the addition of value-added features like comfort and safety.

    Annual production in Thailand is expected at around 200,000 units. Toyota Motor Thailand will also be exporting knocked-down kits to countries already building Hilux-based models like South Africa and Indonesia.

    Much of the development of the IMV project has been carried out outside Japan to help save costs substantially. Coupled with the attractive margins pickups usually enjoy, IMV will further consolidate Toyota's position as a highly profitable global carmaker.
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    Oct 2002
    yup...any pics??

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    Wala bang pics?...:D

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    Aug 2004
    Check-out the picture link for the 2005 Revo aka Kijang in Indonesia:

    More pictures of the Kijang 2005, Most likely, would be the Revo 2005:

    The Instrumentation Panel:

    The seat arrangement. Though this is for the Indonesian version, we can predict that Toyota Philippines may have a similar seating lay-out as the present Revo:
    Generally, the 2005 Revo would look more like an MPV than an AUV.:whoa:
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