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    Nov 2002
    guys, wana ask about argus cameras? my dad kasi has a construction business and one of his foreign client who is leaving gave him some stuff and one of them is this old argus camera. looks like a photography camera and needs repairing. antique na ata ito e. any knowledge about this camera is appreciated. tnx! :D

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    Oct 2002
    Like many photo enthusiast, I swear by Canon. I have an EOS 5 and EOS 1000 body. What i like about the EOS series is it's been around for about 10 years now and it's lenses are still adaptable to the new models and is quite durable.


    Sobra mura nga d'yan sa may Hidalgo, Quiapo. I bought my 75 - 300mm lens for only 8.2k (way back 1996 nga lang :D ) pero ngayon nasa 12k na. Still very cheap compared to local Canon dealer's 17k rip-off price.

    brainfade, dazed chiq:

    Check this out (theveed, padagdag). They have definitive info and tutorials - from the history of photography, exposure, formats, caring for your equipment, etc - and useful equipment comparison. This should help you decide what camera to buy.

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    Oct 2002

    Bro, baka yan yung C series? Mas luma pa yung A! I've seen one and antigo na nga yan! I'll ask a friend photographer kung may alam sya pwede magrepair. Sana stuck-up lang para madali gawin.

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    Oct 2002

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    Nov 2002
    Ako since 1984 nasa photography na ako. i use Nikons kasi matibay and I buy sa Angeles city.

    Right now I use an F2AS and F3/T. Mga more than 20 years old na pero OK pa.

    Kung beginner, I suggest a Nikon F. Napakatibay and mura lang. Mga 5k without lens and flash.

    By the way, nagkaroon na ko ng mag A/F like F90, F90X and F4S pero binenta ko nang lahat kasi nagagawa ko rin sa manuals yong mga nagagawa ng A/F. Plus sa A/F nagiging dependent ka sa automation ng camera kesa sa intuition mo. Plus you will lern much from a manual camera.

    ngayon meron pa akong Nikon F at Nikon F2 Titanium(super collector's tiem).

    Hope this help.

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    Oct 2002
    Taga talaga sa Canon, for my S40, it costs 3K more sa kanila compared to Hidalgo.. the battery, 3200 sa kanila, 2800 sa Ambassador (shang), 2700 sa Hidalgo... Yung underwater case, 11K sa Canon, 10K lang sa Ambassador... labo nila....

    Beginner cams, di ka magsisisi sa Nikon F or even an old school Canon AE-1... daming accessories and solid quality...

    If you really wanna learn, I suggest spending some dough on a good light meter... photography is all about light manipulation... having one will make your camera's manual features work to its fullest...

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    Oct 2002
    thanks sa sagot mga tol...:D

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    May 2005
    I am, but I use digital cam. My current one is FUJIFILM S5000. It's my third Fuji Camera. I want to get a new one, another FUJI.

    FUJIFILM S5000

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    Feb 2005
    Hi Brian, wanna be photographer din ako.

    Anyways, I agree with Theveed: You can't go wrong with Nikon, Canon, Pentax, or Olympus. Also, get a good light meter, as Theveed had said. Since beginner ka, why don't you check out the Nikon F series (FM10 or FM15). Kung masipag kang maglakad, you can get a 2nd hand unit at Hidalgo for, oh, 7-8k. Ang brand new sa Hidaldo, mga 13-15T. 'Di hamak na mas mura sa Hidalgo kaysa sa mga malls.

    Me, I have two Zenit SLRs, pero may mga topak na eh so I'll probably buy a Nikon soon. Which model, I'm still trying to decide.

    Good luck and happy shooting.

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    Oct 2002
    Hilig ko rin photography. I now use a digital SLR, Nikon D70. Although I also own a Nikon F70 film camera, I am now an advocate for digital photography since acquiring the D70 last year.

    It's true that film still have higher resolution for enlargement purposes but my recent experience proves that a 6MP DSLR can compete. I have printed a cropped portion of one of my digital pic and enlarged to 34x17 inches on a tarpaulin and people bought it.

    I'm not a pro photog, by the way, just a hobbyist, but we know of course that if you keep a hobby long enough, you'll eventually sell something out of it.

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