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    Quote Originally Posted by wowiesy View Post
    may mga pipol here knowledgeable on VPN implementations on Linux? I've been reading the ubuntu documentation and OpenVPN docs... so far nasusundan ko naman (but I haven't tried actually setting up servers / clients).. but sa mga nababasa ko, parang wala pang nag fi fit sa use case that I have... i'm not even sure kung uubra ang VPN using linux here (or windows for that matter)..

    basically the objective is to provide secure remote access to an office LAN where files and applications (client/server/) - all windows based to external (out of the office) users through the internet.

    I am hoping to use Linux as a firewall / router / vpn server to expose the windows LAN... uubra kaya? the clients that will be accessing remotely are also mostly using windows desktops..
    i have tried implementing VPN on linux before, but not on Ubuntu, but on redhat. I am sure that would be similar.

    but if you would want an easier approach on linux for your firewall, router or VPN, use Endian. Mas madali syang i configure and i-setup.

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    Use SUSE Studio to Build a Linux OS from Scratch

    Think you can make a better fast-booting, Chrome-focused OS than Google? Want to craft a custom Linux system that boots from a USB stick? SUSE Studio gives you 15 GB to do exactly that, and you do it all online.

    SUSE Studio is what powered the fan-made "Chrome OS" we posted yesterday, which, in that case, was a semi-stripped-down system loaded with the developers' version of Chrome, Google webapp links, and OpenOffice. If speed and cloud computing aren't your bag, you can create a fully functional system with Firefox, 3D graphics, and whatever apps you can find installed. Want your system to start up with an AWN dock and Launchy keystroke launcher running? Not a problem.

    Even if you don't know all that much about Linux, it's pretty easy to build a system you can boot from a USB stick or live CD/DVD, run inside a virtual machine program, or actually install it—or, heck, even test it out in your web browser.

    read full article

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