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    Mar 2003
    Q: anong model na ang mga labas ng Denon AVRs ngayon? naghahanap na ng kapalit itong AVR-2802 ko..mga ka-level lang siguro ng luma ko..5.1 or 6.1 setup, pwede na & nasa magkano na kaya?

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    Jun 2005
    i just got the avr391 for $250. very basic 5.1 that works for me, though all recommendations point to avr591 for about $350. havent done any of the advanced settings yet, but so far so good with klipsch loudspeakers (my first big setup).

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    Feb 2007
    Denon and Klipsh... you can never go wrong.

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    Jul 2006
    Sirs help po please. My mom and I plan to set up a home theater system in our Audio Visual Room. As of now, we're planning to replace our 3 year old Samsung 40" LCD TV to either of these 3: Samsung UA40C6900VR Series 6 LED, Samsung UA40C7000WR Series 7 3D LED, or Samsung UA40C6200UR Series 6 LED. Is it ok to use the PS3 as the Blu-Ray player or do we need to buy a separate Blu-Ray player? What shop can you recommend for our home theater set up? We live in Quezon City but we can also try to check out shops in Shangri-La and Rockwell

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    Sep 2003
    You can try Sight and Sound or Listening in Style, both in Shang. Also try Listening room in Megamall. PS3 is an ideal blu-ray player, it can now play 3D titles with its latest firmware. Warning: Samsung 3D TVs will only work on Samsung 3D blu-ray player. Sony and Panasonic 3D TVs are compatible with PS3 3D and each others 3D bluray players, but not with Samsung,
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    Jan 2003
    mura kay sights and sounds and kung may tanong ka, nan dun si Sir Vic to explain. got my toshi av700 from him last june, when everyone was selling it at 25k, he gave it at 21k.

    i bought my speakers and AV receiver from him too, way back when his shop was still in quiapo. he recommended B&W for my HT and sobrang sulit. nag pa demo talaga si sir vic. as in take your time demo kung alin maganda at pumili.

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    Jun 2005
    family and i are very happy with our samsung led. problem free so far for the last few months. nice picture, and i havent even check if there is any calibration like our sharp aquos.

    i finally looked into my denon amp and now getting better sound. this amp has a restorer feature that enhances compressed audio just like my mp3s on my ipod. this feature alone made it sound like i got better speakers all of a sudden.

    i also ordered a pair of $29 dayton b652 speakers that gets rave reviews online. i plan to use it for surrounds. a klipsch sub after then im done. i hope.

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    Jul 2006
    So its ideal to buy a stand-alone Blu-Ray player? Because ever since we bought the old Samsung 40" Bordeaux LCD TV for our Audio Visual Room 3 years ago, our TVs are mostly Samsung LCDs. Like in my and my brother's room (Samsung 32" Bordeaux LCD TV and where the PS3 is located is when we need to play online, buy classic PSone games in the PS Store, buy upgrades to our PS3 games, and updating its firmware), my sisters room (Samsung 32" Series 4 LCD TV), the master's bedroom (Samsung 46" Series 5 LCD TV), and guest room (old school non HD Samsung 22" LCD TV). All are coupled with Samsung DVD players and Skycable Digibox. We can't put a 46" above LED TV in our Audio Visual Room because the cabinet where the TV will be located only fits 40" below TVs. We will try to visit Sights and Sounds and the other shop in Shang tomorrow

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    Sep 2006
    Ano ba magandang Led TV brand ngayon? Samsung o Sony? meron kami na tanong Samsung made in Mexico without warranty mas mura, ok ba ito?

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    Apr 2011
    hi guys!!
    im one of the new guys on the block. just recently purchased a ganzklar LCD 26 HD3 Tv.. was it worth it ba?? have no idea whats the pros and cons pagdating sa LCD eh. though its kinda cheaper but comparing to other brands of LCD, i think they almost have the same Specs??? thanks guys, ill appreciate whatever your comment (s) are.

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