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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by foresterx View Post
    i wanted closed shelves for the dvd player and other stuff, but couldn't find closed shelves for tv halos lahat open maybe i should just have it custom made which will probably cheaper.

    yup, with a false wall idea, you can have everything in the wall including the players, etc. And then a one-way lightly tinted glass swing (or slide) door to make it look clean.

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    May 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by chua_riwap View Post
    any body here who has tried this box that enables you to do "wireless" w/ your rear speakers? i saw this one at Bose. how is it... ok ba? ok ito kasi this eliminates the wires from the main ampli. that goes to your rear speakers.

    pero ang di maganda....yung L&R na rear speakers connected pa rin sa "box" na yun, so not 100% wireless.......
    tamang-tama bro kasi nagpa-testing ako kanina ng home theater by bose dito sa malaysia.
    i think you're referring to the bose lifestyle v35 or 48... yes, the surround speakers are wireless... but too pricey at M$16330 & 18460 respectively.

    ano bang recommended brand na medyo dikit sa bose ang performance pero at half-price lang sya.

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    Sep 2007
    Why not Pioneer? Sa akin, tamang tama lang yun. I have a full Pioneer setup dito sa loob ng kwarto ko

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    Apr 2007
    +1 sa Pioneer. Matibay pa

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    Jun 2005

    here's my current and unfinished setup. lcd tv now wall mounted. klipsch main, center speakers and sub, dayton surrounds. weird and small space in our living room. might try wireless surround option if i can or wire up surrounds on the wall as they should be.

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    Nov 2005
    share ko lang po.

    my bedroom HT. This was set up since 2007 although the TV was replaced with a 42" plasma last year.

    projector and surround speakers

    projector screenshot

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    Sep 2009
    hi hello po!
    ask ko lang po kung meron ng nakagamit sa inyo ng konzert or sakura amps?
    budgeted sa ngayon eh.
    baka may matawa pero para lang sana mapagana ko yung mga speakers nato:
    fronts - polk audio
    rear - mordaunt

    either for the meantime or for good, depende kung maganda outcome.
    advice naman mga kapatid or bili na lang ako ng second hand na branded amps like yamaha, victor, etc....
    yung extra money kasi buy ko ng cheap sub.
    thanks and more power!

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    Oct 2009
    Most ng nakikita kong pang outdoor ay konzert. Ok na naman if you're not into high fidelity or sound quality. If you want an SQ sa ganung amplifiers dapat merun kang old-school equalizers para macontrol mo better ang sound quality.

    Yung speakers mo, alamin mo ang ratings...get an ampli na match duon so that mas tama ang output

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    Sep 2009
    ang alam ko kasi sa konzert pang PA at mobile. notice ko rin sa mga speakers niya at ampmbanban yung mga tunog.
    may counterpart kasi siya yung sakura.
    may nabasa akong feedback dito na suabe naman yung deliver ng sakura amp at ang gamit pa na speakers nung nag comment eh "tannoy".
    since di nalalayo price nilang dalawa baka parehas lang sila ng quality?
    may mga oldschool amps ako noon, sa erpats ko pa yun pero superb talaga. de tubo pa siya pero wala nakong mahanap na tulad niya.
    i'm trying to revive her before but sadly.... she's dead.
    kung may extra money lang bili ako ng magandang amp.

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    Oct 2002
    konzert? sakura? di ba plain amplifier lang sila?

    afaik you need a receiver with dolby/dts decoding capability for a home theater setup ... unless your source is a pc that can output all six analog signals for 5.1 setup in which case you'll need a 6-channel amplifer

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