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    Sep 2008
    vinyl is the easiest way for a nice finish but you have to do some sanding.

    Another important requirement for this build is the WAF!

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    Jul 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by ghosthunter View Post
    If you are pointing out if I am the one in the WRONG FORUM, you might want to check on your own words before going any further.

    Peace or no peace, I fracking hate people who use "PEACE" as the last word in their message as if it means anything near to it.


    Sorry MOD, nagmukha pala akong plastik dahil sa salitang peace?!

    kaya ko nga po i-nedit dahil MOD pala kayo, kasi base sa argumentong nabasa ko inakala kong hindi MOD ang nagsasalita, kaya sorry po uli

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    ^^ :hysterical:

    Kaya next time.......ingatzzzzz!
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    Jul 2009

    May budget na ko para sa project pero may tanong lang ako,

    ano ano po ba talaga ang advantage nito sa mga commercial projector bukod sa mura?

    Please compare

    Brightness, contrast, color, gray scale, sharpness-compare to commercial projector

    Maximum screen size at optimum quality-compare to commercial projector

    Lamp life?

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    Sep 2008
    All are a very subjective comparison with my Infocus X1 DLP (IX1) 1100 lumens projector before. Infoucs x1 is still retains its popularity as the best all around projector for movies and presentation at a budget price.

    Brightness- The 7 inch Diypj is brighter. Technically speaking, LCD trasnmits more light than the DLP at the same bulb wattage. But using bigger LCD say 15 inch loses more lights and IX1 is brighter than when using bigger lcd .

    Contrast - My infocus DLP has advertised contrast ratio of 2000. But dont be fooled by this number. My diypj 7 inch can register a very pleasing blacks and whites also. But my LG1553s ( 16.7 M colors, 1400 contrast ratio) before beat the hell out of the infocus x1 in terms of color saturation and contrast. You must be aware of the lcd specs that you will use ot get good colors and contrast.

    My Lg1553s captured images

    grayscale- the 7 inch diypj can show very good shadow detail. my 7 inch diypj have an advantage here.

    Color- my infocus x1 gives better color saturation . It also has higher numbers of colors versus diypj. But diypj since its an lcd gives a more accurate/real life color rendition. But then again using Lg1553s, the incosus x1 bows out.

    Sharpness- IX1 image is sharper but you wont miss it that much as diypj can give a sharp image also.

    The biggest advantage of infocus x1 projector - Very nice image smoothness and color saturation . The jagged edges is almost not noticeable even at close viewing distance, diy pj edges looks rough as jagged edges is noticeable. You will need to use a pc for diypj if you want to smoothen out the edges but still retain a very sharp image. It is because our lcd is not intended to be use for projector. But anyway at a standard viewing distance , this is not so much an issue

    But i have one very serious observation which many poeple may have not notice. The infocus x1 dlp lacks three dimensionality feel.The image in the infocus x1 looks flat as like a plain picture. In many occasions i've watch my diypj, i can feel that the character in the image wants to come out of the screen ( quite unbelievable!) this is hard to believe. But again this is a very subjective observation.

    Some scenes i captured. using 7 inch pj


    Main advantages
    1.Total cost is cheaper
    2. Bulb cost so much cheaper 1500 pesos 2000 hours.
    3. Custom made to your need. Installation concern is always an issue for commercial projector for many people . Not everybody has dedicated home theater. Even if you have one now, you might still encounter throw distance issue to get your desired image size. I am not a fan of using the telescopic lens of the commercial projector as it losses your total image brightness by as much as 20 % if you are not aware how to use it, most likely most people are not aware of it.

    4. Longer projector life- As compared to DLP commercial projector, it has a much longer life because diypj being an lcd has no moving part except the fan which can be easily replaced. Against LCd commercial projector, diypj still is better because diypj use an electromagnetic ballast that can even outlived your life. Ellectronic ballast just like a pc has a guaranteed life of 2 years.

    5. You are even confident to left it running for 24 hours - since you build it, you know to repair it, parts is cheaper, youll have more peace of mind running it for longer hours hencem ore fun and enjoyment especially for parties where you can left it open thoughout the night.

    One funny thing is, you can leave it outside if you want as long as it doesnt get wet. In my brother resto, he left it outside all the time and never bring it inside the house after using or even if it is raining very hard, the projector is still running and you can still watch . Its been running 8-10 hours a day for more than six months now and the bulb is still not giving up. But i am more worried about the lcd flat ribbon cable. it might get detached due to high humidity soon. My brother just doesnt care after knowing that the lcd cost only 3500 pesos. Its still very cheap because he is using it for business. He is just too lazy to bring the projector inside the house everyday.

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    Sep 2008
    And the best thing for commercial projector is even brightness distribution though still not yet perfect.

    For diypj, this is not much an issue for watching movies. But for presentation purposes, you have to be precise in alignment of the light engine or bright and dark areas will be noticeable.

    This is why commercail projector bulb is very expensive. The light engine and its lenses are precisely aligned in its entriely.

    Good luck!'

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    Sep 2008
    old pics but right now may bubong na yang projector.

    Blurry image because i cannot pause the dvd as there are customers

    212 inches ( not 175 inches as estimated before) diagonal image size using 10.2 inch lcd

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    Sep 2009
    sir hertzblaster1,

    Thank you po sa interesting DIY project...

    I would like to ask if you could provide use with a listing of LCD (model/brand) that will work for this project..

    Plan ko na po kasi mag assemble eh,

    salamat po

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    Sep 2008
    visit forum and search for compatible monitors.

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    Sep 2008
    Replace my 250w metal halide HSD bulb with 100w led.

    Still using the same 7 inch lcd and lenses.

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