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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by pajerokid
    ungas::: balak ko sana i-lift uli yung harap via torsion adjust, but with the corresonding lift na ren sa likod. The way things are set-up now, if adjust the t-bars in front, papantay sya sa likod, which looks a bit ungainly...

    pre check your pm :mrgreen:

    Your ride looks fine with me, pag tinaasan mo pa yan baka bubong mo na sumabit sa mga parking malls instead of your skid plates on trails ang sumabit, hehehehe :mrgreen:

    btw, reply on your pm is on its way. :D

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by ARB
    ungas actually i dont have a shop and im in the province here sa south(diff islands). but i am sure that you can have those packers maufactured there with your specs. we had once put a two inch packer on a kia sportage in the front to even the car out and it worked fine, no handling difficulties. we installed 235 tires without problems. also we have here one with three inch lift na sportage with 31x10.5 tires, but this proved way too much for the cv joints rubber. you can fashion out the packers with the design by OME.

    as for this kind of lift, the suspension travel is limited only by the length of your shocks. so why would OME make packers if it poses a difficulty or problems with the vehicle?

    also be sure to buy caster correct bushings for the front arms if you intend to lift it.

    I do intend to lift it up but not with spacers. :D And yes you are right, caster correct bushings is a must! :D

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    Nov 2002
    i guess OME full suspension kit is the one you want. its a good choice we have almost ten or more patrols here with that set up.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by ARB
    i guess OME full suspension kit is the one you want. its a good choice we have almost ten or more patrols here with that set up.
    Thanks for the tip sir ARB, I'll check on it if time permits. :D

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by pajerokid
    Quote Originally Posted by Freeman
    Its your choice, looks or performance? Form or substance? Man or mouse (rat)? Offroader or poser? Real deal or wannabe?

    Of course, if one has a tight budget - that's a different story.

    Happy trails!

    sir i certainly hope youre not implying anything here. Being many many years my senior i hope you show a bit more tact....
    I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt since we are not talking face to face.

    as my mom always says "You cant put too much stock in good breeding", dont you agree?
    Begging the indulgence of the moderators and members.

    Pajerokid :

    Rest assured I am not implying anything close to what you are thinking. Do you realize what your starting here?

    I am assuming that you read the thread completely.

    In this thread there were suggestions to use coil spring spacers. I simply stated my opinion about them. Now if some individuals want the lifted look without the optimum performance, thats their choice. And with that choice will come the monickers I listed. I wrote this way to make one think twice before that individual took that direction. I have seen this situation many many times and the result almost always is the same.

    In my last sentence - I excluded those who are opting to use spacers due to financial constraints. You simply can not criticize anyone for that.

    As far as tactfulness and breeding, I agree with you and your mother.

    However, your emotional reaction hardly reflected any of these virtues. In fact it did not give a positive impression of your upbringing. Especially since you've mentioned your general knowledge of my age.

    I wish you had showed a little more maturity and thought twice before posting this. I wish you opted for a PM instead. Since you chose this venue, I will answer in the same venue.

    None of us will come out a winner here, you've put both ourselves in an embarassing situation. I strongly suggest that we stop this NOW. Please do not continue this with a reply, even an apology.

    Because of your youth I am willing to understand and forget this situation.
    I hope you will cease judging me based merely on your interpretations of my written inputs.

    Now let us go back to the topic at hand, and talk 4 wheeling!

    Happy trails!


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    Oct 2002
    ungas::: good point pare! i might lose my "Malltero"s ability to traverse dangerous sub 1.8m parking spaces :lol:

    freema::: sir peace :wink:

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    Oct 2002

    I just saw your comments on the Adventure. Ill try tp post all the details of the lift. I assure you. the cost is minimal.

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    Oct 2002

    amen to that... gusto ko rin sana pa lift yung Adventure Super Sports namin. Di ko lang alam kung pano and what is the best way, dahil sa matagtag na nga by nature ang AUV baka lalo pang tumigas, and also without spending an arm and a leg...

    any suggestions, Guys?... thanks :P

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    Dec 2003
    Dati naka ironman coil ako sa 03 patrol . mga 4" yata ang itinaas. kung gusto email mo lang ako.

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    Feb 2004
    wow, ngayon ko lang ito nabasa. nabuhay ulit.

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