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    in your turbo-diesel engine,

    what are benefits and shortcomings of having that oil-catch can and blocking that EGR? will it lessen the particulate matter (black smoke especially on high rpm--3000-4500rpms)

    washer mod di ko na sasama kasi alam ko na benefit, done that before sa former delica ko...EGR-block at oil-catch can di ko pa nagagawa...

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    Jan 2003
    with the oil catch can you prevent droplets of oil from going into the intake manifold, so you'll have a cleaner intake manifold. been thinking of a way to insatll one sa hiace ko kaso ang sikip ng engine bay.

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    Jul 2006
    On some cars the breather tube from the valve cover goes into an oil separator that also gets routed back into the sump. I don't know how it is on your engine but it should be somewhat similar.

    Blocking the EGR is good because you're not burning hot exhaust gasses (with particulate no less). When you're doing this have the manifolds cleaned na rin, exhaust and intake sabay mo na. Chances are both will be heavily sooted so that will rob your engine of power.

    Actually if you remove the EGR, if it was originally working you might have more smoke once you remove it because the particulate is not burnt anymore but emitted out the exhaust. Blocking the EGR is one thing, removing it is a whole new project. Pagawa ka ng cover for the intake and exhaust manifolds where the EGR originally came from so malinis tignan.

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    sa oil-catch can, liteace ride ko, diba dapat between the hose going from the valve cover to intake manifold?(not shown in my pic)

    engine bay shot: (with the hose removed)

    direchong intake manifold agad..from the valve cover

    been thinking to use those cheap plastic fuel filters as the catch can, pwede kaya yun?

    ganito EGR ko: (as installed, back shot)

    so i'll just block the rightmost pipe-end of the EGR that is near on the exhaust..tama ba dun ko ko sasaraduhan?

    so, better block nalang ko ang EGR--almost the same process lang yun like what the guys do to their 4d56-t,right--aluminum can cut to shap then iipit sa part where the EGR is connected at the exhaust,right? (may soft-copy ko ng EGR mod for 4d56t,e 2c-t makina nito akin)

    so will the engine run cooler when i block that EGR? di ba mas iitim ang usok or marereduced siya pag block lang ang EGR?

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    Jul 2006
    Tingin ko mas iitim ang usok. The purpose of the EGR is to reduce particulates sa exhaust by recirculating it through the intake manifold. So removing it effectively lets all the particulate get out via the exhaust.

    If you're concerned about being a smoke belcher just have the intake manifold cleaned (exhaust na rin) and EGR tested for functionality. No difference in temp unless it's really clogged that it's actually suffocating the engine.

    Looks like you have the cross flow manifold. Yes block off the right and left sides where there are two bolts that hold a diamond shaped flange on the right and the round flange on the left where the EGR goes into the intake. Vacuum hoses also need to be removed so plug these up din if you want to keep it clean.

    Use a dedicated oil catch can instead of the cheap filters. This is also added maintenance - you might have to empty the catch can once in a while so check it more often after installation to see how fast the oil accumulates. Check your van's oil level just as frequently too. What amount of oil goes into the catch can is reduced from the oil sump. If you're also burning oil consider that in the equation so you know how much you lost or have to add. HTH

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    cge oil catch can muna...pagiisipan ko nalang ang EGR...

    what can you recomend for a good compact catch can? aside sa cheap fuel filters na yun...

    wala ko problem sa oil burning--kakaoverhaul lang ng engine, at nag-set na ngayon,e...

    about sa paglinis ng intake/exhaust manifold and exhaust pipings up to the muffler--kaya na ba sa gasolinahan na lang yun? or yung tinatawag na carbon cleaning?

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    Mar 2003
    Sir alwayz_yummy, ive tried using those plastic filters before but removed it after a my case, mas makipot kase yung nozzles nung filter than that of the crank case breather so ang tendency is to put more pressure on the sump, which is a no-no. but it did collect some oil. just wanted to test lang and see for myself how a catch can works.

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    Jan 2006
    at first, blocking EGR didn't make any noticable difference with performance and smoke level in our Townace 3C-t and 2C-t and Pajero 4d56t.

    I just block the vacuum hose going to the EGR.

    but later, when we had our Pajero converted to m/t. comparing it once again... the performance of blocking EGR is really noticed. smoke was even lesser. the townaces are both a/t. that's probably the reason I don't see any performance in them.

    after that, I made a steel plate to completely block the EGR in our rides.

    3 possible location to insert a blanking plate.

    in theory, you get even more turbo pressure...

    I didn't notice the engine being cooler with EGR blocked though.

    I may already mentioned this before, that disabling EGR was always been a debate. some people say it hurts perfromance, hurts engine, makes the engine hotter or... the contrary.

    our rides have been EGR blocked for a year and a half now.

    if you are not sure yet, why not block the vacuum line first?

    instructions* > engine mecahnical > vacuum system > Vac pipe, egr.
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    Aug 2006
    wala po bang pix pang 4d56 hindi ko po kasi makuha yung concept nung sa toyota 2c-t

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    Jan 2006
    I'm not sure all 4D56 has it. but the EGR will look like a spaceship. you will notice a small pipe connected from the exhaust to the EGR. then from EGR back to Intake. the EGR will have a vacuum hose conected.

    may info tungkol dyan dito sa tsikot mismo.

    btw, check the last post. it was from me. that's my calendar when I disabled our EGR. hehe...
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the DIY oil catch can and the blocking of EGR(exhaust gas recirculation)