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    Jun 2004
    korek ka jan arvic, 500-600k di birong halaga, half a million din yan, nakapajero ka nga na subic eh madalas ka naman dumukot sa bulsa para anticipate ang magiging problema, eh kung buy ka na lng na brand new Adventure na ang susunod na dukot mo sa bulsa ay para sa masarap na dinner with your family. At napakasarap ng pakiramdam sumakay sa bagong sasakyan, amoy pa lng solve ka na. besides di ka pa kakaba-kaba lalo na sa hi way. di tulad ng converted vehicles na cut and weld lang, i know someone na bigla na lang nag LOCK ang steering wheel nya sa 3 dr pajero subic. so kung ikaw yon at mabilis ka at paliko, kurbada at sakay mo family mo may kasalubong kang pang truck. ANO ANG GAGAWIN MO? A.) Biglang Preno B.) Magdarasal ka C.) Pikit Mata na lang D.) Tignan mo sa huling sandali familia mo.

    So Bro di biro ang magdesisyon lalo na kung ang isasakay mo eh mga mahal mo sa buhay. Peace of mind and Safety ang una sa lahat. The moment na hawakan mo Steering wheel, Buhay mo at buhay ng sakay mo ang nakasalalay. So ang 600k wag mong sayangin. Swetehan lang makabili ka ng matino at maayos sa Subic.

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    go for the starex mas spacious pa it can seat 9 persons comfortably. Just replace the korean tires it's not reliable.

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    Sep 2005
    thanks to all.. i am getting excited with this forum as I am gaining a lot of good insights... I am still waiting for more kind hearted tsikoteers to sahre their piece.. i have 2 more weeks before I let go of my bread!

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    Jan 2005
    Dear x driver x,

    Like what they said, depends talaga sa gusto at kailangan mo. Sometimes its hard to reconcile both, but it really depends on you. Just remember, the one thing going against SUBIC pajeros is the age of the vehicle-usually 1992-1994 pa yang vehicle, so wear and tear talaga, like most 2nd hand vehicles. local Pajeros on the other hand, mga 1995-1998, so mas bago. In a few years yung complaints sa mga subic pajeros lilitaw rin sa mga local units-essentially kasi pareho lang ang mga yan-assuming conversion will not be a problem. Just remember this: sa brand new unit (regardless kung ano man y un): at least 3-5 years kang walang problema.
    Just my thoughts. thanks

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    Dec 2014
    Howdy friends...

    Just joined this site... Merry CHRISTmas to all...

    I too have this dilemma. I am planning to buy a Pajero and my budget is roughly P300K-P350K. I know its a bit tight for that kind of vehicle but thinking that I need to have a vehicle that has a high clearance because frequent flooding here in the Metro. A friend of mine (who is a member of the pajero club) told me to consider a surplus pajero (either from Dubai or Japan)... Just want ask you guys what's your take on this... Oh and I am a newbie car owner with little driving experience...

    Thank you...

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    Jun 2009
    i use to own a delica and 3dr pajero intercooler. i never had any major problem with both unit because i have a professional mechanic/friend (very minimal ang fee madalas wala)who helps me with all my concerns. If getting a jdm surplus be sure you have one ( mechanic/friend) otherwise stay away from these. your budget can get you a local unit. i have to sell both medyo nakaipon na nag-innova na ako. and do not hurry to get one. HUWAG MANG GIGIL! i got my delica after 4 months of searching kasi nga i have to consider safety issues (first and foremost ). my pajero also took me about 4 months of searching before finding one. again safety issues. also they are not friendly on the pocket when you talk of consumption(7k/l) good thing mura and diesel but saan ba patungo yan tataas din yan. sarap talaga to own and drive one but at the end of the day did your ride got you from pt A to B safely and conveniently? wala bang tirik or hassle? i have been a car owner for 35 years and i have so many hit and misses on second hand cars, i bought a brand new car only once. since you are new your money should get the best there is. have your friend assist you in getting your ride. 350 hard earned money is no joke. HAPPY HUNTING AND HAPPY NEW YEAR

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