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    Jun 2006
    What would you do in terms of a Zombie outbreak?

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    Aug 2004
    Depends, are we the real-deal voodoo zombies, which are merely the drug-addled half-dead slaves of voodoo priests? Or the classic, foot-shuffling brain-eating zombies from the horror films? Or the new "OMFG, I can run really fast even though I'm a rotting corpse" zombies? Or, worst of all, the "I Am Legend" type that runs fast, is insanely strong, is manically homicidal and intelligent, to boot.

    If it's the first, no big deal. I don't do drugs.

    If it's the second, no big deal... Just carry a big stick or a flame thrower when you have to walk outside and wrap barbed wire around the front of your car.

    If it's the third... errh... bomb-proof suits?

    If it's the fourth, we're doomed... no use even trying...

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Jun 2006
    Dawn of the Dead zombie

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    May 2006
    Dawn of teh dead zombies? Mabibilis tumakbo yun ah...Sawed off shotgun with plenty of ammo to spare, grilled windows (no problem with that as we pinoys have grills installed as standrard in our windows) plenty of canned goods so we may survive till the zombies die out.

    Pero shotgun talaga ang pwede for the extra kick. Full auto weapons will only delay them...and also always go for the headshot, para tipid bala

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    Oct 2008
    what would i do?
    happy trigger mode
    -hahanap muna ng isang gun store first hehe!
    -aarbor ng mga naka park sa kalsadang kotse or sa showrooms para brand new
    -hahanap ng food stores para sa supplies at aids ko
    -ikakarga lahat yun sa car
    -idedesign yung car na parang pang twisted metal or vigilante 8
    -hahanapin ko yung crush ko sa bahay nila para kamustahin kung hindi pa zombie xD
    -look for survivors at another source ng pang kabuhayan incase tumagal ang outbreak
    -arm my house with the right utensils
    -magdadasal na sana hindi naman kasing lala nung malulupit na horror films yung IQ ng mga zombies sa paligid

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    Aug 2003
    speaking of zombies, i saw this in Chapters yesterday - [ame=]Pride and Prejudice and Zombies[/ame]. it was sitting right beside this one - [ame=]Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters[/ame]. was tempted to buy my first Jane Austen book. hahahah.

    i'm with niky, it depends on the type of zombie.

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    Sep 2003
    Papatugtog ako ng Thriller..........

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    Jun 2009
    Here's my list:

    1st...I would arm myself with shotguns and automatic riffles with scopes.
    2nd...I'd go get myself a humongous truck.
    3rd...Load the truck with canned goods and bottled water.
    4th...Get my Aunt and Grandparents.
    5th...Go find myself a locked facility...guess what comes in mind? ... an ALL WOMEN's COLLEGE FULL OF HOT WOMEN ... hahaha!

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by jonski View Post
    What would you do in terms of a Zombie outbreak?
    Looks like someone just watched ZOMBIELAND.

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    Apr 2009
    Ayos to ah, the Resident Evil zombies come to mind:

    1. Get my grounds armed:
    Double barrel shotgun, semi automatic pistol, revolvers with silencer ... Then sneak into Jethro or similar shops to get supply of ammos til supplies last.
    2. Get a suit. I prefer tuxedos. Para movies and dating. Then go to gadgets shops in malls to steal binoculars, telescopes, swiss knives, torch and smoke bombs. Then steal reams of Dunhill, Mild Seven and Reds and a Zippo..
    3. Steal a Ranger Wildtrack from Ford Alabang (pinakamalapit samin)
    (na ho-hotwire ba pag may immobilizer?) You can steal now dahil may weapons ka na ...
    If I knew how to fly or cruise I'd get a private plan or a yatch. But damn I can't drive those...
    4. Get my girl.
    5. If step 4 fails, get a girl (uninfected, of course). One that's hot ... :naughty2:
    6. Build a stronghold somewhere only we (the girl) know.
    Preferably in Tagaytay hotels.
    7. :banana3::naughty2: For the survival of the human race...
    8. Pray:angel3:

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Zombie outbreak