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    Feb 2008
    i've once used this before hahahah :rofl:

    me: ui, maykakilala kabang nag aayos ng relo?
    girl: sa wadhus! (watch repair shop yun)
    me: ah oo nga ano. sige pupunta nalang ako dun, along the way naman e (kasi iihatid ko sya nun sa sakayan ng jeep)
    me: kasi e, sira yata tong relo ko. napansin ko kasi pagmagkasama tayo, bumabagal yung oras.

    HAHAHAHAAHHA!! :rofl:

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    Mar 2009
    you can fall from the sky. you can fall from the tree. but the best way to fall is to fall in love with me .... :rofl01:

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    Oct 2006
    I should have told you what I really feel and returned your kindness but I was a coward. I should have asked you out when I had the chance, instead I walked away. There are many times when I've thought of going back in time and say those words and tell you how you somehow brighten up my day even if it turned out disastrous. and Yeah, I'm taking this risk because I don't want to live a life of regret.

    that's all.
    Damn, son! Where'd you find this?

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    Sep 2010
    ito mga sir, pahabol

    sana isda ka nalang at tubig ako, para hindi ka mabubuhay ng wala ako
    waaaa...ang corny..

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    Apr 2009
    Password ka ba?
    Hindi kasi kita kayang kalimutan ...
    Pero letse, pwedeng pwede kita palitan!

    Reciprocal ka ba ng sine? Cosecant live without you.

    Tower ka ba? Kasi Eiffel in love with you.

    Are you from Jamaica???
    Cuz' JAMAICAN me crazy for you.

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    Apr 2009
    Originally Posted by itchywitch
    this is sooo old.

    found it when I was googling something.

    isa pang linya..

    'matutulog lang tayo, pramis'

    may kadugtong 'to eh..

    'pramis nde ko ipapasok'


    Quote Originally Posted by Tha_Mann View Post
    may kadugtong 'to eh..

    'pramis nde ko ipapasok'

    Promise, kalahati lang.


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    Sep 2003
    panis yan kay boy pick-up.....

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