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    sa maxima, i do one hand steer kung solo ko ang kalye at relaxed mode(left on the wheel, right on the shifter...pero kung medyo traffic and i need better control than shifting, 2 hands on the wheel...

    sa liteace/pride..both are a/t so kung relaxed/solo ang kalye mode, left on the wheel, right on the arm rest/shifter/burger/fries/drink/3210(no other phone is convinient as this)/remote ng stereo/sa...

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    Oct 2002
    always two-hands unless katabi ko babae (j/k)

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    Nov 2005
    ok lang na one hand basta not speeding but yung magopen ng window sa traffic?!
    you're breathing pure smog sa traffic, i just dont get how these guys can breath in pollution

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    Jan 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by falken
    As much as possible, drive with both hands, specially at high speeds, just in case your tires suffers a blowout you'll still be able to control your car.
    Actually, that happened to me back in 1988 while driving my Nissan Pulsar. I was doing 60mph and my front passenger tire went flat while I was driving with one hand. The thing is, the car kept going straight with just the slightest yaw to the right. Another driver had to honk and shout to me that my tire was flat. Ooops.

    H-rated tires (on the wife's Contour) can normally do fine up to 130mph prolonged driving. The Contour's electronically limited to 115mph (SVT Contours can do 143mph). V-rated tires (like the Michelins on the Sonata) can go up to 149mph which matches well with the Sonata's 137mph speed limit. I have Z-rated Bridgestones on my Laser (and no, I can't afford anymore to keep wearing them out so fast).

    75mph wouldn't mean much to tires unless the car was severely overloaded esp here where the interstate is also well-maintained.

    Having said all that, keeping 2 hands on the wheel is still very good advice. Of course, I probably won't remember it when I wake up tomorrow.
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    Aug 2004
    (Bad mazdamazda... revivalist! )

    I guess it depends on the type of car. If the power steering is light and the steering is geared slowly (like most trucks or luxury cars) then one hand in slow traffic is no problem... on the highway, it's not so difficult, either (as long as there's no traffic)... of course, it's always better to have both hands on the wheel (for safety), but poor ergonomics in many cars makes this tiring. I often hook my left arm on the windowsill/arm rest in AUVs and in the Sentra (when we had one) but I still kept my hands on the wheel.

    If it's a sportier car and/or if you're on stickier tires, you really need both hands on the wheel at all times, as the car will tend to follow ruts (tramline) or jump over bumps or cambers.

    Suffice to say, since we got the RS, I hardly ever take my hands off the wheel. But that's okay, the control ergonomics are such that it isn't really tiring on long drives... and the Nardi leather feels mmmmhhhhmmmm.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Jan 2005
    pag mahaba-haba ang byahe and hindi traffic, one hand pwede. lalo na pag may kasamang chiks. hehehe...

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    Sep 2003
    Marami ako nakikita, isang kamay sa manibela, isang kamay sa cellphone, tsika-tsika while driving.

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    Nov 2005
    oks lang yun, as long as you're a right handed. i'm sure once he shifts hahawak din siya sa sterring. in my case na left handed, mahirap. lalo na kung yung right hand ko ilalabas ko sa window i

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    Oct 2005
    isa rin akong left handed but i drive with one hand (left) pag city driving. the other rests on the shift knob...

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    Sep 2004
    Wouldn't resting your hand on the shift knob place additional pressure on the drive gears, wearing them out faster? :confused:

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