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    Oct 2002
    It's time to add another one to our 2002 Adventure Super Sport.
    Actually, ako naman bibili at hindi na ang parents ko

    Fortuner is a long wait that's why nagdadalawang isip pa ako. Besides, we have the Adventure pa naman.
    Civic naman, hindi ba babaguhin na ang style/looks/generation nito soon? kasi as i can remember, matagal na itong style ng recent civic. (same story with Altis).

    Another option are the Jazz & Vios (pero those are on the bottom of the list) saka baka trade nalang namin yung isang L300 FB namin for a small car.

    Then, Mazda 3 came into my mind. I have searched and read some threads about it but so far, i'm not convinced if i should add it in my list.

    so, why should you buy mazda 3? why not?


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    Sep 2004
    Why: it's a fad, everyone's drooling over one.
    Why not: it's a fad, it's bound to fade away sometime :D

    Bakit nga naman hindi Mazda 3? If you think it suits your purpose, then go ahead.

    I had an officemate who drove a locally-assembled Wrangler for the longest time. Then after he got married, he was able to make a downpayment on a Mazda 3 hatchback. Not just any Mazda 3 mind you, but a special edition (electric blue body paint, different 17-inch mags). Na-frustrate kasi siya sa Picanto matapos niyang maghintay ng pagkatagal-tagal. Basta sinabi lang namin sa kanya na i-retain pa rin yung Wrangler niya, para meron siyang back-up vehicle.

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    Aug 2003
    it's a new model? award-winning in the US? but with a relatively low-tech (compared to Toyota and Honda) engine? pero auto-tranny only so there might be a problem with gas mileage...

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    Aug 2004
    why? its simply the best value in the Sport Compact car out there.
    and its nice to know you're helping employ Pinoy workers who also export these world class cars all over Asean - Philippine made (assembled at least).

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    Feb 2005
    why: i'd love to buy this car para naman maiba..the brand itself equates with reliability & respect..

    why not:..alang pera..

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    Oct 2002
    why? ... why not?i believe in mazda's reliability, performance, valued package currently in the market

    why not? ... dami na masyado sa kalye e which means na nag click talaga siya..
    Got Mazda?- [SIZE="1"]est. 2000[/SIZE]
    got mazda 2? -> mazda2ners

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    May 2005
    I recently got my MZ3 V

    Why I got it:

    IMO, best styling it its class.

    Relatively good deal. ABS+EBD+2SRS+16 inch mags, fog lights, and automatic (actually activematic) for less than 800k.

    Lancer and Civic will have new models next year (I could not wait til next year) so if I got them, they would be outdated new cars next year. Lynx to be replaced with Focus (also based on MZ3).


    The MZ3 platform is jointly designed by Mazda, Ford and Volvo combining the best designs from each car company.

    I liked the MZ3 even before it reached our shores.

    Things I did not care for:

    Waiting period. (It took me 2 mos, 1 week to get mine) although the dealer is saying the waiting lines are not as long now as before.

    No locking switch.

    All else is gravy!!!

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    May 2005
    Cripes! Wrong post!

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    Oct 2003
    may special edition na mazda 3? i didnt know about that..or is it dealer based?

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    Oct 2002
    why: mazda is one of the most underrated brands around. it really has a very good package / kit. exterior styling is right on the money. interior is nice too - makes the civic & altis boring & dull.

    why not: for me, I wouldn't get one with less than 2.0L engine. the 1.6L isn't really matched to my driving style.

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mazda3: why/why not?