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    Quote Originally Posted by leopaul View Post
    Because this design is unfit for us. It's just an impersonation of the Daihatsu Tanto.

    Like the Daihatsu Tanto, the Kia Ray has one sliding door at the passenger side. Under the hood, The Kia Ray is powered by the 1.0L gasoline engine that produces 78ps of power, 9.6kg-m of torque, and it has 17km/L of fuel economy while on the Kia Ray Bifuel, which comes with the 1.0L LPG engine that has the same power and torque, can go up to 16.6km/L in Gasoline mode and 13.2km/L in LPG mode. It is mated with a rubbish 4-speed automatic transmission.

    I checked that at the official Korean website.
    Again, the Daihatsu Tanto which looks just like the Scion bB and the Suzuki Wagon R? Maybe Suzuki should complain that everyone is ripping them off?

    Oh, is there a copyright on sliding doors for small cars? Daihatsu should sue Peugeot:

    for daring to use a sliding door on the 1007!

    But then, Suzuki really should sue Toyota?Daihatsu and Peugeot for stealing their idea... since they had a sliding door on the Alto/Fronte as far back as 1988, and they still produce the original Kei van with sliding doors, the Carry / Super Carry up till now. :hysterical: The Tanto and Ray are both simply new age versions of this venerable vehicle.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Korean TV commercial

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    Here's the electric version (but sadly, its for Government use only...)

    Kia Presents Korea's First Production Electric Model, the New Ray EV - Carscoop

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Car News: "Koreans take on the kei car culture with the Kia Ray"