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    Apr 2007
    meron kaya nagbebenta ng oil catch can?

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    Feb 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by dsuguitan View Post
    hello..alwayz, i just re-routed it ( crank case-- hose-- Engine breather can-- hose-- air intake).. i fabricated mine by using an old aircon evaporator drier; ( any metal cylinder would do, length should be > 6 inches) 1. cut into 2 halves ( upper half 1/3 of the can, lower half; 2/3 of the can. 2. install a metal tube on opposite side on the top half . 3. place some steel wool, the one i used was the steel wool used in cleaning the bottom of kalderos,( it acts as a filter, but does not create much resistance to airflow) you can buy that at a sari-sari store or the palengke.. place it inside the can, ideally between the two metal tubes so the oil mists coming from the crank case will be wiped by the steel wool, 3. drill a small hole a the bottom of the lower half of the can, and tread a screw to seal it ( it acts as a drain plug).. 4. weld the two halves together.. 5. attach the hose coming from crankcase to one of the metal tubings (inlet).. 6. attach a hose on the opposite end of the metal tube (outlet) then back to air intake.. turbos have their own oil and water supply, if the clearances of the impeller shafts are above tolerances, it's bound to go anyway .. just my two cents opinion.. the engine breather can just reduces the oil mists coming out of the crankcase ( from blown piston rings )... just one way of reducing black smoke from the exhaust, I also have a JDM subic vehicle. it's an Isuzu MU 3.1 auto, it's done 1900000 kms. almost finished restoring it. turn signal lights, fuel remote lids,side view mirrors, gear box, steering steering link, center link, idle arm, shifting knob are all LHD isuzus.. dashboard, including the horizontal bracket where the steering components and the hydro-vac are attached are LHD and aircon components came from the isuzu crosswind.. had a fun time re-converting it and sourcing the parts.. even had more fun modifying it ( topmounted intercooler with scoop, LSD diff, manual locking front hubs..

    Sir ask q lng saan po kau nakabili ng original ng pang LHD na dashboard? Bighorn po kasi ride ko na converted mdyo pangit po kasi dashboard balak ko sana palitan ng orig na pang LHD.

    Sir na try nyo na po ba I pa block EGR ng 4JG2 nyo? May benefits po ba pag pinagawa natin ito sa engine natin?


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    baka may mag-share ng pics mga 4ja1 peeps na naka oil catch can para magaya. thanks!

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Oil catch can install