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    Dec 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by totoybato View Post
    oo nga Roger, hindi ako nakatiis Pati dinner ko naabala, di ko tinantanan hanggang di ko natapos yung last page. Kutob ko si James Chavez itong ts

    Welcome back totoybato... Long time no hear......


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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by CVT View Post

    Welcome back totoybato... Long time no hear......

    Mon, Pat, Roger, thanks. kasi may internet na dito sa aking bahay sa may parang, hahaha.
    Dyan sa may Macapagal, lahat yata ng gas station dyan e may restaurant at coffee at yung Jetty, may beerhouse pa. To ask for a OR/CR just for that, hmmm....

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    Aug 2004
    Baka ayaw na mag log-on sa ang TS dahil sa bashing sa kanya?. Or baka gumawa na lang ng bagong user id?

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    Jun 2008
    Senior I.T. Consultant - tech developer, programmer, ergonomics and conceptual designer, CG artist, CAD architect..etc..etc. Maganda na marami kang alam kasi very wide ang field ng I.T. Got a Doctorate Degree for it. My projects could be anything from movies to car designs, cellphones to lcd tv's..etc..etc.

    Enlisted US Army Officer - from NATO US Air Force grounded to US Army Rangers. Just a few more missions para sa compensation!

    Carpenter - halos lahat ng Pinoy dapat marunong maging carpentero pag tumapak sila sa US.

    Sous Chef back in NY and France - need to finish this para maging official Chef. Kakatawa, trip trip lang eto ng gf ko when I was on leave dahil sa vertigo ko.

    Call center Agent - haha, yes I did this too! It was for a project of our company. NO offense meant pero mabubulok lang talaga utak ng tao dito.

    Resort owner - Mayrun dito sa Pinas at sa Thailand.
    Is this for real? So ilang taon na sya ngaun?....jhejhejhe!
    *TS...I bet you can do a 3D simulation drawings since you are a cad architect...baka nman pwedeng mag pa tutor sau...may doctorate degree ka eh... sge na please....

    Quote Originally Posted by Cathy_for_you View Post
    TS is not just a law enforcer ...

    Maybe that's why he could afford all the luxury cars...
    Parang naalala ko tuloy pag nag interview ako ng mga indian pana with their fabricated CV's pero pag dating sa actual eh naka tunganga...whew! Di kaya recto doctorate ito!... Too good to be true!

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    Dec 2005
    Hindi ko alam na may beerhouse sa Jetty Gas Station! Hindi ba bawal yosi sa mga lugar na ito?.....

    Hope you're doing great bro., Nap...


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    Nov 2005
    hahaha sa lakas kasi ng hangin matatangay ka talaga papunta dito sa thread na toh! :fly: :smoke:

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    Jun 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by Cathy_for_you View Post
    I really wouldn't want to piss off the TS...

    ================================================== =
    Originally Posted by SaberRider
    75th Regiment 3rd Batallion. Built for heavy infiltration and all forms of combat. This is my platoon. I was the platoon leader. I used to be a fighter pilot for the Vipers class but was diagnosed with vertigo back in 2003. I didn't want to leave so I underwent a battery of medical exams set by the Army standards and I was deemed more than fit to fight as a Ranger Platoon Leader. I declined the offer but wasn't left with any other choice. I don't want to decide the fates of my soldiers, unlike being a fighter pilot for Eagles, Falcons and Hornest wherein I'm only responsible for myself. Here's a simple and small peek in my military life.

    Was enlisted way back in 1997. 1999-2003, all fighter pilot 2003-2005- mixed duties of Army Ranger and fighter pilot. Late 2005 became my last flight.
    Since being in ground forces, I've trained with the US Marines, US SWAT, Israel troops(krav maga), Russian troops(samba), French Foreign Legion and Phil Army. You basically just get circulated to the different countries for their forte in the different arts of combat. Example, the Israels are extremely good at urban warfare, cqb and hand to hand combat. Russians are good at surivial/endurance, hand codbat, recon and sniper training, Dragunov anyone? The US fighting force, they're basically the jack of all trades but even our elite US Marines lost to the French Legion. The French Legion is the hardcore for all Allied training camps. I did all of these and still managed to graduate with a doctorate degree in Computer Science/Engineering/Technological Development at Cambridge.
    Being a serviceman isn't a job, it's a calling!

    A lot of people who doubt my credibility ask on why did I choose being a serviceman? I simply reply: "For 2 good reasons, because you didn't want to and so you wouldn't have to!"
    "Also the only reason why you people can sleep soundly at night is because you have tough guys like us watching over you and are willing to commit violence on your behalf!"

    ================================================== ==

    I am afraid of guns :nerves:
    *cathy...galeng ng intell mow ah! I bet fan ka na ngaun ni TS...jhejhejhe! Kase very impress akow sa specs nya. To be a pilot in a short period of time handling a multi million worth of hardware like the falcon, hornets and eagle! Di kaya sa PSP games lang pilot si TS? Sorry brader pero overkill kase ang kwento mo eh...too good to be true kse as what I know, correct me if i'm wrong...wala pang Pinoy na nabalitang nagpalipad ng ganyang hardware...Saludo akow sa kwento mow...

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    Jul 2007
    * xtremerider heehee. I'm more of a fan of the silver vios guy considering how he handled the situation with the TS.

    Still, I wouldn't want to piss off Doctor/Commander/Engineer/Chef TS since he is trained for combat baka ma krav maga pa ko. haha.

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    Jan 2005
    yag niyong basagin ang trip ni royette baka magsumbong sa HWORLD yan, sugurin ang tsikot. pagbabarilin ang lahat ng nagiinternet. hehehe peace tayo royette (TS)

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    Jul 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by Cathy_for_you View Post
    Still, I wouldn't want to piss off Doctor/Commander/Engineer/Chef TS since he is trained for combat baka ma krav maga pa ko. haha.
    kulang pa po yung title niya mam cathy

    i think its Doctor/Commander/Engineer/Chef/epal sa buhay ni vios guy/perpektong tao...

    and best of all... an outstanding award winning mutiple recognitions *h_le

Pls don't use your phone inside a gas station Silver Vios ZRB ep# 2