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    Jan 2004
    d pa marunong magbigay yan mga yan, kahit na lampas kalahati na ng oto mo yun naka labas pilit parin sisingit kahit na mag counter flow pa sila, minsan akala ko d ata pwdeng mag preno yan mga tricycle na yan eh, pwde lang pala pag may pasaherong isasakay

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by RedHorse
    try tarlac...

    and cabanatuan....

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    Nov 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by happy_gilmore
    and cabanatuan....
    heheh. tricycles galore!

  4. jagxtrm Guest
    try mo mag drive from plaridel, bulacan to san jose, nueva ecija between 7:00AM and 7:00 PM...

    then try mo same route pero different time -- mga 10:00PM to 4:00AM

    ang sarap ng walang tricycle!!!
    (kaka bwisit lng yng mga tricycle na walang tail lights sa gabi! gggrrrrr)

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    Oct 2002
    some info

    I think ticycle ae registered thru LTO pero ang Line or Prangkisa is handled by municipal Govt and Not LTRFB, yun ang pagkakaalam ko

    Some tricycles dont have bakes sa harap likod lang.

    And I think 5 seater tricycles should be ban!!!!!!

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    Oct 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by ILuvDetailing
    speeding with out headlights or tail lights,
    naku ang dami nito diyan sa coastal road mga jeep na papuntang cavite..muntik na ako ma-accidente!!!hindi lang diyan ang dami pa kung saan-saan...hay!!!

    naalala ko nung papunta ako dagupan,may province papunta dun na ang tricycle nasa gitna ng kalye!!!tarlac ata???minsan kasi ang yabang pa nung mga tricylce pag binusinahan mo ng mahina lang para tumabi ng konti...

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    Oct 2004
    meron mga tricycle na nakalowered sa qc. Nun nakasakay ang kaibigan ko parang sayad na sa lupa tapos ang bibilis pa humarurot. Kala nila parang kotse yun pagnilowered bibilis at pag cornering magaling. Hindi nila alam 3 lang ang gulong nun kaya kahit anong liko na mabilis tataob pa din yun mga ogag talaga

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    Jan 2004
    goddamnit! i agree. just last night when i'm heading towards NLEX. this delinquent jeepney, travelling without headlights. C-3 corner A.Bonifacio, i merged from C-3 on to A. Bonifacio, where out of the blue this jeepney appeared on my left side. the kink is that when i didn't gave up the lane, the bastard tried "blinding" me with his lights. stupid. very stupid. even tried to tailgate me. but i slowed down and gave the bastard a look when he ran alongside- obviously he wanted to get even, but no won't get away with me. i forced him to stop on the next stoplight where there is another bottleneck, as i shift to the other lane.

    it is unfair really. ever noticed that when a PUV tried to cut on your lane, it seems normal. but when us, private motorist, do the same, it ticks them off.

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    Aug 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by kokey
    What do u think? With the many accidents and deaths caused by these irresponsible tricycle drivers.......
    On National Road.....
    Making a u turn w/ out looking at the back..
    W/out taillamp at night.......
    Stoping on the middle of the road.....
    On our neiborhood....
    Parking in front of our gate.....
    Causing air pollution....
    And many many more............
    [SIZE=3]I'd like to add...
    tricycles cause noise pollution--kakainis lalo na sa gabi
    mahilig sumingit ng alanganin(sa traffic)--gusto sila pagbibigyan mo, pag nakabangga either sila pa maangis or some, nagdadrama
    most the tricy drivers do not look at their side-mirrors to check if there's a car behind them--abrupt swerving to make a turn
    my list could still go on....

    Basta, they're a major NUISANCE! My day always get ruined bec. of the undisciplined tricy drivers. But what can we do, they're everywhere. I just wish they'd all disappear. Lalo na the ones in the Batasan area--yong mga color Yellow. grrrr.


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    Mar 2004
    Tricycles exist because tamad tayo maglakad.
    Jeez! The Church is only 3 blocks away from home...but people still take a trike.
    The bus terminal is only a 20 minute walk from your home? Too far... take a trike.

    My 2 cents...

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