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    Nov 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by cumbersome
    This is flawed logic. India's population alone makes a comparison too lop-sided for any believable conclusion.

    I'd dare say that virtually all tricycle and jeepney drivers didn't receive any formal training in driving and traffic regulations. Most don't even know basic traffic signs like No Parking, Pedestrian Crossing and No Left Turn, as proven by a number of actual broadcasted interviews.

    i was not solely referring to the numbers pal, read again my post, its not about who's got the numbers but about irresponsible drivers/pedestrians & the unjustifiable thread title.

    Quote Originally Posted by cumbersome
    All the formal driving lessons and training in defensive driving in the world cannot possibly compensate for their ignorance.

    i totally disagree w/ that, so what you're saying is that it's better NOT to have any "formal driving lessons and training" because it will be such a waste since an ignorant driver will hit you or cause an accident no matter what? And if one did undergo "formal driving lessons and training" it will be rendered useless because of the latter reason? Your logic has more holes than swiss cheese.

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    Aug 2005
    If there's one thing I hate more than trikes, it would be those stupid sidecars.

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    Aug 2005
    Yup, the exploding number of tricycles is indeed very worrying and annoying. There are virtually no standard rules in regulating trikes, so what can we expect, chaos to the max. The deployment of tricycles to the road is left to the Local Government officials who shamelessly abet all the violations which eventually lead to traffic, gridlock and accidents. Local Governments do not even keep a standard checklist of the trikes running in the streets, what more with their road-worthiness and the driving skills of the driver.

    I have tried confronting a local TODA (tricycle operators-drivers association) which suddenly established an illegal terminal right in front of our house, pero ayun ako pa ang napahiya when an association official sporting a vest bandied a “special permit” issued by city hall. They even rubbed it in by claiming that it was no less than the local congresswoman who lobbied for them, proof to this is the tent that they set-up by the roadside emblazoned with the congresswoman’s name. It didn’t matter if the money used to buy it was came from our taxes nor did it occur to them that they had inconvenienced several households and created a traffic jam at critical hours during the day.

    I tried getting in touch with the police, pero they reasoned out na sa LGU daw ang control ng mga trike, so back to square one. Talked to a Baranggay official and was told to grin and bear it kasi nga daw it was better for all of these people to at least earn an honest living driving trikes rather than robbing the daylights out of our houses! Pasalamat pa daw ako!

    So I guess we have to live with our unfortunate lot, even if the terminal is illegal we have to turn a blind eye. Some adjustments that have to be made in our lives include, getting used to the stench of urine after trike-drivers converted our sidewalk into a toilet; learning to enjoy the loud pinoy big brother song which they continuously play with their makeshift subwoofers; learning to wait and smile whenever we back-out of our garages lest you get the lights beaten out of you if you get confrontational; getting used to parking our cars hundreds of meters away from our houses and best of all being served a solicitation notice whenever an trike association member gets sick or dies of liver cirrhosis due to excessive drinking of emperador brandy. Anyway dito naman daw sa harap ng bahay naming nangyari ang inuman.

    With the soaring trike population, it will just be a matter of time that they will be able to elect a sectoral representative into Congress who will fight for the interests of this “marginalized” sector. So it would be best for me to be in my best behaviour whenever I encounter them, who knows baka ako pa ang inominate nila na representative!

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    May 2005
    tayo ka nalang ng carinderia sa harap .. para kahit papaano eh pagkakitaan mo yung mga driber ..

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    Jul 2005
    Private property and privacy, respect for these are going, going gone in a little while all in the name of public welfare served no less by our elected public servants. Such a sorry state.

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    Oct 2004
    kawawa naman po kayo sir wally. Ganyan din nangyari sa tito ko sa isang village sa antipolo. Napilitan tuloy sila ibenta ang bahay nila kasi ginawa din terminal harapan ng bahay nila tsk tsk tsk

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    Jan 2003
    ipa-citizen patrol mo sila sa TV. imho, hindi yan honest living kung nakakasagabal sila sa ibang tao.

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    Nov 2002
    'kala ko sa lugar lang namin pasaway mga tricycle driver...
    dapat tawag sa samahan nila ->Tricyle Association of Driver/Operator hehe

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    Oct 2002
    Dito sa village namin... may mga ganyang impromptu trike terminals kung saan saan.

    Buti na lang dito sa malapit sa amin at may guard, kaya napapalayas. Pero yung ibang phases... ang gulo.

    Yung iba tolerable naman... yung iba sobra na... maingay... tapos ang bibilis magpatakbo.

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    Jan 2004
    pagpasenyahan na lang natin. dapat nga hangaan ang mga gung-gong na mga ito, saan ka nakakita, nakakapagmaneho ng walang utak...

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