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    Jun 2007
    “The MMDA should not deprive our drivers their means of livelihood. The problem on traffic nowadays did not happen during the time of (MMDA chairman Bayani) Fernando. There is something wrong in the MMDA operations," said Ejercito.
    WTF?!?! ngayon lang nagkaproblema sa traffic?! were you born yesterday?! haha

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    Dec 2006
    My girlfriend was one of those so-called stranded along Commonwealth this morning. She arrived at 9am for her 7am class. The mess that the strike caused was insane.

    Some bus routes (i.e Malanday/Letre) never get full, even on peak hours. I think these buses should be reduced in number. There are however, buses like the Fairview-bound ones, that are really hard to get by during rush hour. It's not fair to generalize na sobra sobra ang bus sa lahat ng ruta. Sa iba oo, pero sa iba, sakto lang.

    The real culprit for all of this mess is the unregulated issuing of franchises. So the best way to solve it is to reduce franchises. Simple as that. People in the government put a blind eye even if it's a widespread fact that the multiple franchises are actually owned by a single person and are just diversified for the sake of having more buses. Naglolokohan lang sila eh.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by jeDi13 View Post
    WTF?!?! ngayon lang nagkaproblema sa traffic?! were you born yesterday?! haha
    AMP. As usual, pa-MASA approach ang pamilyang Erap.

    I think lawmakers now feel the traffic crunch more since they are generally deprived of their wang wangs.
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    Jan 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by niky View Post
    I used to ride everyday. There are times when there are a lot of buses to deal with the passenger volume, but there are too many jostling for position, which is what causes traffic. In truth, you could reduce bus volume by 10% and still have enough volume... and in off-peak hours, just 10% of the total number of buses is enough for all the passengers. I sometimes ride home with just a dozen other people on the bus.
    Yes. The number of buses was designed to serve during peak hours. I wonder what happened to the organized bus scheme. They had stubs before given at Robinsons Nova Terminal before a bus is allowed to proceed its route. Back then, traffic was a bit faster.

    I've been riding the bus regularly now. In choke points like Cubao and Ortigas, some buses would just stay for a good 5~10 minutes waiting for passengers. (Pati yung naliligo at nagbibihis tinatawag na) I guess if you try to lessen that waiting time at each stop and implement the old bus scheme, traffic would be a little better.

    Also, this scheme might weed out the bulok na bus in EDSA as they won't be that profitable anymore. Ito yata yung mga "nakakabit" na franchise ni Claire dela Fuente.

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    Nov 2010
    Sana bawasan nila yung mga Buses for certain routes. Nung sumasakay pa ako ng Bus, napansin ko pila-balde yung route ng bus na sinasakyan ko sa may Ayala Bus stop(Alabang - Pacita). Minsan 6 yung nakapila, not counting the non-aircon buses that share the same route! Meron talagang Glut kaya congested na ang Edsa. Tapos majority sa mga Driver nito, medyo may pagka barumbado pa (hindi ko naman nilalahat). Sana kung bawasan ang Buses, isama na din yung mga barumbadong driver. hehehe.

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    Dec 2006
    Sabi ni Claire De La Fuente sa TV Patrol, NA-LATE LANG DAW YUNG MGA DRIVER.

    !!!*#$%^&! sino niloloko niya.

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    Jan 2007
    Here's one solution:

    Advantages of the Bus Convoy system:

    - takes up only one lane

    - easier to schedule groups of buses

    - uses existing buses

    - simple / low tech

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    Oct 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by nervenllarena View Post
    ininterview ni karen davila sa dzmm si claire dela fuente ang palusot eh hindi naman daw sila nag strike madami lang daw na absent na mga driver at kundoktor

    +1 on this!! grabe!! natatawa lang ako sakanya habang iniinterview!!

    madami daw walang cellphone na driver?

    ano daw?? sana hindi na lang umimik.

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    Jun 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by jut703 View Post
    Sabi ni Claire De La Fuente sa TV Patrol, NA-LATE LANG DAW YUNG MGA DRIVER.

    !!!*#$%^&! sino niloloko niya.
    ginawang tanga ang sambayanang Pinoy

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    Mar 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by shakatak70 View Post
    ginawang tanga ang sambayanang Pinoy
    hay naku.. ano naman aasahan nyo dyan, she's just out to make money and no real concern for the commuting public.

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Bus strike leaves thousands stranded