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    Tanggalan ng prangkisa ang mga bus nila.... It's time to clear EDSA of these road hazards....


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    Quote Originally Posted by jut703 View Post
    Sabi ni Claire De La Fuente sa TV Patrol, NA-LATE LANG DAW YUNG MGA DRIVER.

    !!!*#$%^&! sino niloloko niya.

    Maybe her Brainless brain ang na-lalate pumik-up!:gayfight: "HELLOOO'... ANG MGA DRIVER NGA ANG MAAGANG BUMABHAYE SA KALYE PARA KUMITA agad NG PERA.

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    mahirap lumusot sa sobrang gusto. alam niya pwede sila tangalan ng prangkisa kaya nagdahilan na.

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    Hindi ko na alam ang nangyayari sa Pilipinas, may strike pala na ganire. Abay kung lumuwang ang trapiko sa EDSA edi mabuti ngang bawasan ang mga bus o kaya'y gawin nila itong per ora. Kada 1 hour or 30 mins may isang bus sa rutang iyon para hindi mapuno ng bus ang kalsada at para matuto na rin ang mga kababyan kong Pilipino na pahalagahan nag oras.

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    This is a lot of BULLCRAP!!!

    No strike, just miscommunication among drivers - bus operators
    11/15/2010 | 10:19 PM

    Share11 There was no transport “holiday," only miscommunication among drivers without cellphones who thought there was indeed a strike, bus operators said on Monday.

    At a press conference, operators said they should not be blamed for the inconvenience suffered by thousands of Metro Manila commuters who got stranded along EDSA due to lack of buses. They said the blame should be on the drivers who were late for work or who didn't go to work at all.

    “Kanina walang gustong magsalita mula sa hanay namin dahil wala kaming kasalanan. Ang kanilang mga driver, na-late ng pagpasok, ang alam ng iba ay may strike," said Claire dela Fuente, president of the Integrated Metro Bus Operators Association, in a report over GMA News’ “24 Oras."

    (Nobody from us wanted to speak earlier because we are not at fault. Some of the drivers were late for work because they thought there was a strike.)

    At least three thousand passengers were stranded early Monday, according to the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA), as they jostled for space in the few buses that plied the stretch of EDSA from Quezon City to Ortigas and Mandaluyong City.

    Reports also said many passengers were stranded at Kamuning and East Avenue in Quezon City.

    No cellphones

    Dela Fuente likewise blamed the lack of cellular phones of bus drivers, which allegedly contributed to the miscommunication.

    "Karamihan ng driver ay walang cellphone, o kaya ang cellphone ay mahina ang baterya kaya pinapatay nila pagdating sa bahay. Pag matutulog, pinapatay," she said.

    (Most drivers don’t own cellphones. Those who do would turn their phones off at home to save the battery.)

    Government authorities, however, were incredulous to what appeared like a flimsy excuse of the operators, as they threatened the bus firms which participated in the “strike" with sanctions that include possible cancellation of franchise.


    In the same TV report, Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) chairperson Nelson Laluces said they would use the inconvenience suffered by the stranded passengers as basis for possible sanctions against the operators.

    "Our sanctions range from monetary penalty and the most severe sanction is cancellation of franchise. This all depends on the circumstances why we would consider them to have participated in the strike," Laluces said.

    Even MMDA chair Francis Tolentino did not seem convinced, as he described the transport strike a “disservice" to the commuting public.

    "Hindi yung number coding implementation ang naging problema. Ang naging problema rito ‘yung hindi bumiyahe, dinisregard ang kanilang certificate of public convenience, ‘yung kanilang prangkisa, to provide a disservice to our riding public," Tolentino said in the same report.

    (The problem here is not the number coding implementation, but the strike itself. The drivers and operators disregarded their certificates of public convenience, their franchises.)

    Number coding

    On Monday, the MMDA started implementing a number-coding scheme that bars buses from plying Metro Manila’s main roads depending on the last digit of their license plates. Buses with plate numbers ending in 1 and 2 were the first to be affected.

    Commuters were stranded on Monday when bus operators opposing the scheme reportedly staged a strike and refused to accommodate passengers.

    Of the over 12,000 buses traveling in Metro Manila and nearby provinces, only 2,000 should have been affected by the scheme, the MMDA said.

    Even as they belied reports of a strike, other operators said they are open to alternative schemes other than the number coding, which they said will deal a death blow to the bus transportation industry.

    "It is only now that we are able to express what we feel. All we ask is for us to be given a chance to participate in any decision making because we affect majority of the people. And we saw it this morning," said Ayette Groves, a Metro bus operator

    The number coding scheme will temporarily be suspended on Tuesday, a holiday.

    On Wednesday, however, it remains unclear if passengers will again have to endure hours of being stuck in EDSA, and shove their way into the few buses that will travel if the “holiday" continues. - KBK, GMANews.TV

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    Bottom line is when the buses were decreased, traffic was lessened, that should put to rest who are the culprits for the daily traffic chaos on EDSA is, this a "no brainer", Dela Fuente should just keep her trap shut, no amount of excuses "alibis" could justify her reasoning. At least the private motoring public don't resort to "hostage" when an unfavorable decision is enforced among them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ans_lim168 View Post
    Bottom line is when the buses were decreased, traffic was lessened, that should put to rest who are the culprits for the daily traffic chaos on EDSA is, this a "no brainer", Dela Fuente should just keep her trap shut, no amount of excuses "alibis" could justify her reasoning. At least the private motoring public don't resort to "hostage" when an unfavorable decision is enforced among them.

    It was clear to anyone since the first major transport strike many years ago that the major cause of traffic on the major roads is the over-population of buses & PUJs and their unpopular habit of clumping up at the popular loading/unloading areas.

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    Mar 2010
    i think meron ganito dati eh di ko lang alam kaninong term pa yun kay marcos pa ba or kay cory na.

    yung bus na kung saan para silang tren na kabit kabit pero byaheng metro manila sya.

    sana ganito nalang para isang byahe marami kaagad.

    ngayon ang byahe lang ng bus na ganito eh tatapat sa peak hours then pahinga muna kapag hindi peak hours dahil for sure hindi sila mapupuno.

    or else meron silang stations na kung saan doon sila pwede mag puno then alis.

    Quote Originally Posted by donbuggy View Post
    Here's one solution:

    Advantages of the Bus Convoy system:

    - takes up only one lane

    - easier to schedule groups of buses

    - uses existing buses

    - simple / low tech

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    Sep 2010
    Yung spokeperson ng IMBOA dapat pang radio lang pag iinterviewhin. Sa TV kasi kahit sampo beses sya maligo hindi pa rin talaga halata eh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TholitzReloaded View Post
    hay naku.. ano naman aasahan nyo dyan, she's just out to make money and no real concern for the commuting public.
    you guys should see how this claire dela fuente operate. some 5 or 6 years ago, i was in a meeting in a restaurant (di ko na sasabihin) and I noticed how this woman in the other table was too close for comfort dun sa lalaki na kasama nya. the restaurant is cozy kasi, medyo dim lights.

    initially, i thought married or mag-syota sila bec. they were so close and sweet. later on i found out sa mga ka-meet ko na yun pala yun Claire De La Fuente.

    and guess what who's the other guy, a top level official sa public works and highways. kasi nun lumabas na sila nagkamay sila when the bodyguards of the official came in.

    san ka naman nakakakita nun, sobrang sweet and cuddling sa isang corner ng room, tapos handshake pagdating ng mga bodyguards, like it was a formal meeting.

    that's how she operates kaya hindi ako magtataka na ganyan sya maginarte sa media

Bus strike leaves thousands stranded