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    Aug 2003
    ang kaso...madami kaya aftermarket parts/mods for the lynx?

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    Aug 2004
    There aren't many, but they're available. There are Thunder brand exhaust systems from Taiwan (good for maybe 10-15 hp, when installed with a cone filter), there's the Taiwanese supercharger (190hp), half-a-dozen US Turbo kits, pistons, conrods, clutches, LSDs (expensive!), camshafts (original mazdaspeed), turbo-blocks (expensive!) and tons of suspension upgrades.

    You can easily get spring and shock upgrades here, everything else takes a credit card, the internet, and patience, while the parts are delivered.

    RE: Miata stiffness versus 200sx... the older Miatas are known to be quite "loose", but it's easy stiffen them with the proper rollbars and bracing. There's an undertray brace available that makes it very stiff.

    And it's cheaper to run than the 200sx... but I think the 200sx is a very nice car, just a little on the expensive side, in terms of mods and maintenance.

    Oh, by the way, despite being an RS boy, my first choices are still the Miata and the Starlet... but if you want to max out the budget, go for the Westfield Megabird... Definitely much faster, sharper, and more thrilling than absolutely anything else in the price range. :evil:
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    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Jul 2006
    hmmm... di ba kung tuner ka alam mo na dapat kung ano ang okay na project car???????????????????

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    Oct 2002
    i agree with the guy who said Miata. i was thinking about that first when i read your initial post.

    don't get a big beast like a Skyline or spend all your money on engine swaps or other things to go faster. for a road course i think natumbok mo when you asked for a package that handles very well, etc. the Miata is basically set up for a road course right from the factory - with the handling, light weight, steering and gearing even has helpful factors like a stock short-throw shifter.

    one thing to consider if you're an experienced racer is what kind of class are you planning to race, and what drivetrain setup works best for you? getting a Lancer Evo is a great start to be sure, but here in the States that means getting placed in a class where you go up against Corvettes and M3's. as far as drivetrains, i absolutely hate the understeer feel of FWD on the street, but many pros race those kinds of cars with no problems. RWD imo is more nimble, but less forgiving. AWD might be the best in terms of traction, but it makes the car a lot heavier and some people complain that steering feel and nimbleness is lost....

    dami choices diyan, and so many cars will work well. good luck!

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    Aug 2006
    if you can dig deeper in you pocket, why not go for Evolution IX MR, 2.0 DOHC,16V I4 and commanding 276 horses....

    though you can use your 1.3M budget as 40% dp....

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    Jan 2004
    RWD is the way to go.

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    Nov 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by k2tingx View Post
    if you can dig deeper in you pocket, why not go for Evolution IX MR, 2.0 DOHC,16V I4 and commanding 276 horses....

    though you can use your 1.3M budget as 40% dp....
    If it's going to be used as a track car then the RS would be a better choice than the MR because it's lighter. But using the whole amount for downpayment leaves nothing for mods and even worst you'll have monthly payments.

    Another good front drive choice would be the old Mini Coopers with the 1.3L engine. It's was and still is a great track car both on paved roads or as a rally car.

    But as the others have suggested the best track car would be RWD.
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    Aug 2005
    RW for example..

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    Oct 2004
    Old porsche FTW......


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    Oct 2002
    If it's for track (i.e. BRC, SIR) then a Corolla, Civic or Sentra can fit the bill. They're lightweight, you can find the needed aftermarket suspension components and you don't really have to look into swapping modding it for big-time HP since you're just looking at track use, thus proper suspension and engine tuning and gear ratio selection will suffice quite much.

    My two cents.

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I'm a tuner and would like to ask what car should i buy...