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    yup lynx RS.. kung shortWB civic type-r(ung mga galing japan). light car, powerful engine....

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    Mar 2006
    how about stertching your budget just a lil' bit and get a 2nd hand evo 7!

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    Jun 2005
    optimum handling..... go RWD

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    Dec 2003
    If I had 1.3 M I'll get a Civic Type R and put a K20 full race engine thats it.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by Mamar View Post
    how about stertching your budget just a lil' bit and get a 2nd hand evo 7!
    exactly what i have in mind too. or even at least, an evo 5.
    pero kung ayaw mo ito, Lynx RS din ako.

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    may r-33 sa classified, magandan din yun..kaya lang patay ka sa parts...

    ok, project car 1.3M: either charade or pride hatch.. fun little cars, monters when modded right...

    or just stick to a newer lynx rs or a stripped down EK type-r w/ k20, right?

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    Aug 2004
    Secondhand Skyline? Kawawa ka sa parts and maintenance... and it's big, if you're going short course racing, it might be too big.

    Best bet would be to get a Miata for around 400k. Suspension mods and wheels, around 150k total (less, if you get cheap secondhand 15" wheels... you're going to break one eventually, anyway), lightening plus rollcage, maybe 50k (not so sure). Do some maintenance... uhmmm... turbo? Depends, even with a turbo, a 1.6 miata ain't no rocket... but it's fun.

    Other great buys? Toyota Starlet... you can get a race-prepped one for 150k, I think. This is much better than buying a Trueno for the price, as the Starlet has a shorter wheelbase and is more nimble. (Did you guys know? Kilala sa US yung mga gumagawa ng racing bodykits ng Starlet dito... people drool over these little cars there!)

    And the Starlet has tons of power options. This makes a killer autocross/track car, and it helps that performance tires in 13" are cheaper than performance tires in 15".

    You probably won't find any other car (except the one at the bottom of this post) that will be as raw and exciting, and a Starlet track car will be cheaper to run than almost anything else... with the change, you can buy a pickup-truck and trailer to tow it.


    Other choices?

    - Honda hatchback, rollcage it, modify the suspension, put in a B18C, all doable within a 500k budget. Great track car when modified, just have to get used to the chassis understeer, or fix it by staggering tire sizes.

    - Ford Lynx RS - 400k. Drives great on track, even as stock, and comes on stock high performance tires. Stock RS's are great FWD cars for slaloming and occassional track work, as the steering is top-notch... perhaps only a Miata or a BMW will have better steering feel than this.

    Mods require lots of thought. Too much grip, and the stock oil pan won't be sufficient for track work... A friend blew his engine driving balls out at Subic... the only other FWD car I've heard of to blow its engine there (recently) because of excessive lateral speed (1g+ cornering) was a Civic Type R... gives you an idea of how fast my friend was going... sinisibak daw niya kasi ang isang 4AGE powered touring car (fully lightened, modified and stripped, while my friend had a full interior and a spare tire in the trunk) ...if you're going for ultimate grip, your RS will need a baffled oil pan, and/or a deeper reservoir. US autocrossers report that actually just adding a little more oil will help keep the engine stable on track.

    A stock bodykitted RS has room behind the bumper for an intercooler. Makes an excellent sleeper boosted at 10 psi, with 250 hp on tap and stickier Advan tires than stock.

    - Silvia - 700k, 50k maybe, for a transmission swap. Don't need to change anything else. Kind of big and heavy, but a great track car. Only worry is lack of local aftermarket support... at least, local cheap aftermarket support. And breaking transmissions on a Silvia is expensive.

    - Westfield? You can buy the bare chassis for 700k (prices may be higher) and assembled Westfields for maybe just over 1m. That's a two seat track car, already rollcaged, with a 160 hp superbike engine, cornering speeds at over 1g, and acceleration that will leave an Evo eating its dust. This is the perfect track toy for 1.3m... if you're willing to spend all of that on the car.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Oct 2005
    Optimum handling?

    you must be talking 2-0-0-S-X by Nissan!

    its light and rear wheel drive. change tranny and go, you can be done by there.

    Miata's nice but im sure, that little ragtop isnt as rigid as the Silvia.

    plus the SR20DET engine is a good start.

    local Eclipses sold here were nice but only FF (GST).

    Lynx RS is nice but adding even more GO power will only produce torque steer. even Mazdaspeed Protege suffered torque steers from only 170hp! come to think of it. how worse will it be come 200 or more hp?

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    Mar 2006
    Find a Mitsubishi Starion!!!

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    Aug 2004
    RE: Lynx RS and torque steer...

    The Mazdaspeed's limited slip differential was put there to tame torque steer, but it's not very good at it... one option is the $1800 Quaiffe limited slip differential, which turns any car into a track monster (for reference, it's stock on the Ford Focus RS... )

    But if you tune your car to 200-250 whp, you've got to expect torque-steer, no matter what your set-up... but that's all part of the fun.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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