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View Poll Results: Ano pong pinaka-favorite nyong fastfood chain?

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  • Jollibee

    41 37.27%
  • Mcdonald's

    12 10.91%
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

    42 38.18%
  • Others (Wendy's, Kenny's, Tropical Hut, Tokyo Tokyo, etc.)

    15 13.64%
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    Nov 2002
    McDonald's is what I frequent most. Best burgers (Quarter Pounder), fries and sundae.
    I like Wendy's for their Biggie fries and drinks, spaghetti and bake potatoes, but their Big Classic seems much lighter compared to Quarter Pounder despite both claiming to have 1/4-lb. patties.
    I go to Burger King for their refillable drinks and Big Fish burger.
    I started going to Jollibee on purpose for Mushroom & Cheese, but in fairness, they have the best service based on my experience.
    KFC may suck in service with a mostly stupid, shabby crew, but the Chicken Fillet burger still won me over. When it comes to chicken itself, I actually prefer Roasters and Popeye's.

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    Feb 2005
    kfc- chicken and gravy
    jollibee-peach mango pie na malaki(retro version)
    mcdo- fries and burger
    bk- onion rings

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    Jun 2005
    Na-reach ko na yung saturation point ko sa fastfood related to burger, spaghetti, chicken, pizza, or fries. Kina-counterprogramming ko lately yung taste buds ko on something exotic and healthy naman.

    I have not eaten at MacDonalds for about 2 months now. Sa Jollibee, once pa lang since August, sopas pa inorder ko. KFC last April pa ata huling punta ko.

  4. Join Date
    May 2005
    pag nasa us ka MCDO everytime na walang kang lutong lunch or breakfast.

    KFC naman kung wala kang lutong dinner.

    JOLLIBEE naman pagtungtong na pagtuntong sa airport......

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    Aug 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by kimpOy
    Chicken- KFC
    Burger- QuarterPounder, Zinger (tie)
    Fries- Jollibee, Twister Fries (tie)
    Pie- Apple Pie Mcdo (original)
    Spaghetti- Jollibee

    pagsawa na ako Tokyo Tokyo
    2pc. Chicken - KFC or Jollibee
    Burger - 1 - Zinger, 2 - Big Mac, 3 - Bacon Cheese, Wendy's, kaya lang maliit
    Side Dishes - KFC Fries (big kasi) or McDo Fries, Lumpia sa Jollibee
    Pie - Apple din, siyempre
    Sundae - I'm diabetic. :lol:
    Spaghetti - Jollibee Palabok, but it's not as good as it used to be.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Aug 2004
    NOTE on Japanese Fast Food:

    I don't like Sushiya's sushi. Haven't tried their curry yet.

    Yoshinoya has OK rice-bowls, and the pickled ginger and spices are to die for.

    Sushi-Mart has the Best Beef Rice Bowl. Period. Too bad they don't have branches anywhere near me.

    Fukuya's Okonomiyaki is a good alternative to "regular" Fast Nipponese fare.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Dec 2003
    tokyo2x and rairaiken are ok for me, i like rairaiken's interior designs

  8. Join Date
    Jun 2005
    KFC & Jollibee

  9. Join Date
    Jul 2005
    If I could get my hands on Jollibee chickenjoy
    I definitely would..kaya lang the nearest Jollibee
    sa 'min is 20 minutes away

  10. #60
    Quote Originally Posted by missZ
    sa 'min is 20 minutes away
    pabili ka na lang kay gwapito

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Jollibee vs. Mcdonald's vs. KFC