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    Oct 2006
    this should be compiled into a novelette
    Damn, son! Where'd you find this?

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    Oct 2008
    ^^ who will own the copyright then?

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    Nov 2007
    baka nakikipag date na

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    Oct 2008
    ^^ onga...baka sinunod na niya payo ng mga kuya.

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    Oct 2008
    malamang busy lang si DL sa pakikipag date or Christmas Party. babalik pa siguro dito yun, di pa tapos yung story eh

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    Sep 2007
    antayin nalang natin ang pagbabalik ng ating bida, hahaha...

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    Dec 2007

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    Sep 2006
    hi guys back with our "bidas" Real Life story.. recap muna

    she told the guy kasi she doesnt wanna invest cuz its gonna be hard for her kasi baka mafall sha, baka mainlove tapos di pla sha mag papa convert or like she feels na its not for her, the religion..

    she honestly says that she has this feelings for him and malaki ung possibility na mafall sha...

    it was hard for both of them, btw this people will meet sometime this month, kwento ko po kung anu mangyayari and if there was no lie in their talk, if truth lahat, he told me the guy, he believes her and it feels like everything is real and may supporting facts daw.. they scheduled to meet sometime dont know when..
    the girl got mad because the guy answered he needed more time, and that he doesnt wanna lie to somebody but hes for sure he has feelings for her. The girl even asked maybe you just want to have *** with me.. but ofcourse its not that. he wants to learn more about the girl.

    the girl said ayaw nya na! whats up with that? irrational ba ung explanation ng guy? was he wrong? should he have said i love you in return kahit di pa sha sure???! the girl was saying pa, one time big time na lang tyo! dissappointed ang guy kasi di naman un ang habol nya, he longs and hopes for that when he meets her complete na ung image ng girl.
    The guy felt like he was being played a fool.. people were saying pinapaikot ka lang nyan, tagal tagal mo na kausap di ka nya meet or picture man lang laging may dahilan... besides di naman tangible yang girl na yan, text lang di mo naman sha makita or malaman kung totoo ba tlga yan, the guy felt really confused he's like sick and tired of playing games and her constant "lambing moment followed by her tantrums attitude", everytime they got sweet and caring, in the midst of that she immediately gets mad and finds reasons for them not to continue what theyre having.

    if there are girls who are fickle minded, this one catches the first prize, he was dismayed and tired, mind and heart.. he decided to talk to a friend and asked his/her?! advice. The friend said "di sha tangible look for somebody you really met in person!", the guy had a revelation, yeah your right, dapat nga ung nakita ko na, nakilala in person and nakausap.. hes tired of wasting his money, his time, his effort and still after those months of pursuing and good talks hes still in the same boat as before, "the clueless and doubting".

    finally he decided and plans to go out on dates or meet new people, the guy went to places where he thinks he might meet new people and at the same time talk to his good friend about the current situation.

    starbucks: *not gonna tell where, location is very important from here on out, please note*

    okay the guy and his friend took a seat outside the store of the coffeeshop*starbucks*, those wooden chairs and tables and they talked. "musta na yan frend?!", the guy said "ive decided to move on and meet new people, pero shempre kaibigan ko pa rin si *maya*, im not that guy na biglang mag vanish na lang, lets buy our coffee, anu gusto mo?".

    so the guy crossed the platform and entered the coffee shop, he bought a white mocha latte and a dark cherry coffee frap*cant remember exact coffee flavor* for his friend. Paid the coffee and waited for it at the other side of the counter. The guy was thinking "maybe i should really look for somebody else, kakapagod ung puro ganto, maganda tlga ung makilala ko agad".

    WHITE MOCHA AND DARK CHERRY COFFEE FOR IAN!!!* in a very attractive, masunget accent*, the guy looked at the direction the barista shouted and saw a really pretty girl, handing over his coffee. The guy was like mesmerized, "wow!".

    He hurried back to his friend and told him, "dude ang ganda nung nakita kong barista sa loob, ganun ung type ko eh, masunget ang dating, ***y at ang ganda ng boses!" the friend told the guy "eh di maganda, go kilalanin mo!". the guy was like shocked "ha!?".

    so the guy got this crazy idea...

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    Jan 2008
    grabe epic yata to or saga

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    Oct 2008
    ^^haba naman pareng DL...weekend ko na lang basahin to.

    suggestion, please assign a concise title for every episode. para title pa lang, istorya na!

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