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    Sep 2007
    kung sabagay, kanya kanya lang yan...

    hmmm, mukhang hindi nagpaparamdam ang bida natin

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    Oct 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by testament11 View Post
    kung sabagay, kanya kanya lang yan...

    hmmm, mukhang hindi nagpaparamdam ang bida natin
    hehehe...nagpaPARLOR games pa...peace bro DL!

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    Sep 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by ab_initio View Post
    hehehe...nagpaPARLOR games pa...peace bro DL!

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    Sep 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by Horsepower View Post
    Hindi siguro sya kasi may 8-5jobs daw eh diba galing ng japan si dl at financially stable na daw (in other words, maraming nang ipon at investments). hehehe.

    Di ko lang maintindihan, 24yo and only had one gf? not looking for ***, companionship lang? That's a bit odd to me.
    sorry guys ngaun lang ako nakapost kasi busy sa xmas party.

    yes 24 years old ako. 1 gf pa lang kasi super long relationship un, years ang binilang..

    companion in a sense, a serious relationship after madevelop.., now about the story if it was me? no comment na lang if you know what i mean..

    ok na set ung meeting pero di natuloy again, busy daw sa work, anyway she didnt promise that shed be there.. so sunday ulet. The problem is parang nag dududa na ang guy kasi parang ayaw naman ata pakita nitong girl. shes saying i love you na and demanding an answer in return*well matagal na nag kakausap sila* nainlove na ata ung girl.

    pero play safe ang guy dont wanna say i love you in return until he knows what he really feels, besides the guy doesnt wanna fall for somebody intangible, picture pa lang eh di pa rin nabibigay, meet lang lagi pa na dedelay...

    shes like forcing the guy to commit, eh ayaw ng guy ng ganun kasi he was hurt before when he fell for somebody and when they met it was all lies..

    lets admit it some people do fall for somebody kahit di pa sila nag kikita, tao lang tyu eh..

    back to the story, the guy tells the girl that he needs more time, he wants to meet her be with her and spend time with her, so that feelings would develop and eventually be inlove, dont know if the girl though is forcing the guy to say i love you to assure her whatever happens love sha ng guy.

    is she afraid the guy wouldnt like her. fall for her? she has great personality, no doubt about that but what does she look like? she said shes pretty and ***y based on the info she gave.

    fair complexion leaning on the whiter side, shes has a model like body(34, 24, 36) and weight 117 and height of 5'6.

    i doubt it that the guy wouldnt like her, eh like na tlga sha ng guy, confirmation na lang, who wants to be lied upon? its hard to like somebody more kung maraming doubts involved.

    the guy asked a friend if there are really people who comforts in playing other peoples feelings and that theyre so good in that game that it sounds so real? the friend said: i did that before and to answer your question yes some people do that.

    the girl got mad because the guy answered he needed more time, and that he doesnt wanna lie to somebody but hes for sure he has feelings for her. The girl even asked maybe you just want to have *** with me.. but ofcourse its not that. he wants to learn more about the girl.

    the girl said ayaw nya na! whats up with that? irrational ba ung explanation ng guy? was he wrong? should he have said i love you in return kahit di pa sha sure???! the girl was saying pa, one time big time na lang tyo! dissappointed ang guy kasi di naman un ang habol nya, he longs and hopes for that when he meets her complete na ung image ng girl.

    hey the guys only human, kahit anung gusto mo dun sa personality ng girl, kahit may feelings ka na tapos when you meet her puro lies or stories lang, the dismay and betrayal will eat you up, dissappointment and heartache, you feel used, itl make you feel like crap.

    maybe other people would say hey anu naman kung panget? its not that. what matters is the truth, trust issues...

    so ngayun he doesnt know whats gonna happen next?! nor anu na ba tlga?

    what should the guy do?

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    Sep 2006
    sorry matagal ako nag reply ha, nag papa PARLOR games pa ako hahahaha

    pero just like what i said in the previous post, whats the next thing to do??

    after this story ends or what ever happens i have a certain question that needs to be entertained, it would spark a heated debate between man and women, about relationships..

    their views. theres no right nor wrong, only opinions and how they perceive such answers and thoughts..

    so un nga anu na gagawin ng guy dun sa text mate nyang girl na he hopes is true...

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    Sep 2007
    to see is to believe...

    the truth hurts...

    only the truth will set one free...

    ok ba?!

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    Oct 2006
    /me is confused on the first person or third person perspective of the story
    Damn, son! Where'd you find this?

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    Nov 2007
    are you the "HE" of the story?

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    Nov 2005
    so in short

    babae nanligaw sa lalake

    pakipot ang lalake

    tapos ngayon gusto na ng lalake

    ayaw na ng babae

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    Sep 2007
    pikot na ata eto pag sumagot si lalake...

Sosyal Pretty women hang out area?