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    Jun 2005
    Just may I add, isipin mo na lang, lahat ng gagawin mo, whether good or bad, will come back to you someday, somehow.

    Karma yan sir.

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    Oct 2002
    okay lang karma someday....KAMA muna today!!! :devil:

    peace!!! :angel3:

    OT: sori sir alfred got too busy lately hindi ako nakapagsked sa jamboree

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    Aug 2005
    tawagin ka ng bading ng friend mo. ( friend ba tawag nyan niyaya ka sa iba eh may esmi kana? ) just IMO no offense lng pero pag nalaman nman ng esmi mo na ng babae ka mayroon bang ma help kabarkada mo or dagdagan lng nila problema mo?

    more communication sa partner mo pre.. more bonding lng yan..

    kung puyat misis mo and gusto mo talaga maganda opinion ni Bad driver.. Jack it off baby.. I have Bangbus and Bangboats videos here.. want some copies?
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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by wildthing
    okay lang karma someday....KAMA muna today!!! :devil:

    peace!!! :angel3:

    OT: sori sir alfred got too busy lately hindi ako nakapagsked sa jamboree

    hahaha Devil's advocate ka talaga!!!

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    Sep 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by bad driver
    Just Jack off.
    What a nugget of wisdom! Palibhasa habit na ni Bad Driver na gawin yan sa mga pet dogs nya, hahahah! :bwahaha:

    I agree with the previous posts on being faithful. If you found yourself wanting to go out and prove you're a man to your friends by consorting with gro's, then I think you got a problem- quite apart from your friends. No offense. No emotionally or psychologically stable man would need to prove such a thing to his friends. I think we'll be more of a man if instead of running away from problems, we turn around and deal with it.

    But you know, on a lighter side, Bad Driver's got a point. Hehehe. You can't get to the wife when you need ***, and yet you don't want to troop with your friends to have a "massage." Bad Driver's tip is a kind of a solution, to a limited extent. His dogs knew only too well! Hahaha!

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    Feb 2004
    tanong mo na lg sa sarili mo.. pano kung gawin ni esmi mo yan? how would u feel?

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    Sep 2005
    Marami naman cgurong nabibiling *toooot* sa palengke...

    but then if they tell you to jump off a high rise bldg with them, would you do it just to prove ur a man?

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