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    Dec 2009
    just replaced my motolite enduro na 3smf with AMARON batteries
    tried naman ibang brand.. ayoko na sa motolite mahal yet hindi maganda specs..

    we used DELKOR (made in korea) in our gen1 everest... 90ah rating with 640 CCA i think.. maganda at malakas na battery talaga.

    Right now bought AMARON batteries, made in india with 80 ah ,, 620CCA and 140 RESERVE CAPACITY...

    been doing research, and this battery was manufactured by JONSTON CONTROLS, the same company who makes AC delco / VARTA batteries and OPTIMA batteries! which is the best batteries in the world
    its the number 1 battery in india, wherein its warranty there is at 60 MONTHS!! or 5 years..
    its TWICE as heavy as motolite!! (better cell construction and lead purity)
    Uses silver in its plates for longer life and stronger current..
    its priced at 4,900 retail, with 21 months warranty here locally at the store which i bought it..
    I think its a good buy, price and performance wise..

    The locally made motolite and oultlast brands all uses RECYCLED LEAD, which is the main reason for shorter and uneven battery life and performance...

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    Oct 2011
    How much is the 2SMF of an Amaron car battery? Is it readily available through our local car batteries dealer?

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    May 2004
    Sayang yugn GS battery. Medyo napolitika yata.:D

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    Feb 2012
    saan naman nabibiki yung amaron batteries na 'yan? seems competitive naman ang price sa mga local batteries.

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    Jan 2003
    I replaced the stock GS battery of my Strada with Amaron. It is indeed heavier. Got it at 6K from Kia Motors Baguio.

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    Jun 2006
    I'm using a 1sn amaron battery on my honda city. About 2 months old so far so good. Got it for 3700 pesos after trade in of old battery.

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    Oct 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by userfriendly View Post
    I'm using a 1sn amaron battery on my honda city. About 2 months old so far so good. Got it for 3700 pesos after trade in of old battery.

    mahal din pala ng amaron.

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    Dec 2009
    for its quality and performance mura na ang amaron, against motolite excel G na 3smf which cost around 6500...
    tapos mababa ang CCA/AH/ RC...


    Amaron batteries are made in QS 9000 IS 14000 & TS 16949 certified plants using world-class technology. The raw materials we use are of best-in-class purity and we make absolutely no compromise on the quality. Every item is stringently tested for conformance to specifications. Our batteries are manufactured in a totally automated assembly line, to ensure consistent products of the highest quality. The finished batteries also undergo stringent quality control parameters to ensure they meet global standards, and will last you for a long, long time.

    Summary of World Class Integrated manufacturing facility

    * From oxide manufacture to finished battery in one complex
    * Automation at every possible process, reducing human intervention in all critical areas
    *Fully furnished In-house plastic injection moulding
    *Govt. approved R & D Centre for batteries
    Test facilities to check the raw material to parts per billion (ppb) level
    Full-fledged calibration & chemical labs to correct instruments & check material purity
    *Every 3rd car in India is powered by Amaron batteries!
    *We were the first to offer a 60-Month warranty on batteries in India.
    *Every 2nd car in Singapore is powered by Amaron batteries.
    *We are the single largest source of batteries for the entire fleet of Comfort Delgro taxis; a leading taxi service provider in Singapore.
    *India’s main battle tank Arjun is powered by Amara Raja.
    *Every 3rd telecom tower is powered by Amara Raja.
    *We provide the power that lights up one of the 7 wonders of the world; the Taj Mahal!

    SILVER / CALCIUM technology

    technical specs 105D31L
    Capacity (Ah)----------80
    Reserve Capacity------160
    Weight (Kgs)-----------22.5

    imagine 22.5 kilos ang bigat... ganda nang purity ng lead plates...

    ang lutong nang start against sa mga motolite... hehehe... try nyo pag nag palit kayo batteries

    i bought it at JAWE marketing, banawe.. after nang orthopedic... coming from Q.ave along banawe right side

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    Aug 2010
    next time nga, ittry ko ito, kaso mukhang bihira pa sa mga battery outlet shop yung may ganitong brand "AMARON". So far I heard good reviews on this. Kaya interested akong subukan sa susunod.

    sayang, recently bought a Motolite Gold 2sm for our van w/ 15 mo. warranty, worth 4300 (w/ trade-in already), so far Motolite got my trust and satisfaction for the last decade of patronizing this brand. It can last up to 2 years after the warranty has gone. yung GS at Outlast hindi tumatagal sa amin e.

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    Oct 2011
    Just a query on car batteries, ano ba ginagwa nila sa trade-in na battery? inaayos, nililinis and binebenta ba nila ulit ito? I fear that baka ni rerecycle lang nila ang old batteries and sell it like brand new.

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