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    Oct 2002
    OT: I did not put myself in a position to be an administrator here. I used to be a regular joe forumer when I hooked up with the guys here (around '99 even before was formed). Being an administrator was a privilege accorded to me by doc tsikot when he asked for help in setting up the site during its early days.

    People here in post to help each other out, not call each other names. And we are free to post what we want, when we want as long as we abide by the site rules. Administrators and moderators are free to join the community in discussions over here. So don't tell me what or what not to do. That's what the forum rules are for. And in no way am I asserting my position as an administrator when I post. I just post as myself, a regular auto enthusiast like most other members of the community.

    Misinforming forumers by telling them not to use the parking brake, giving them a false idea of what an O/D switch does and what neutral is for doesn't help much also. But then no one is acusing you of doing that on purpose. Maybe you too were misinformed about the operating parameters of a modern automatic transmission. That's what the forum is for. To talk things over and derive useful information from each other.

    Btw, I always put anything I copy and paste in quotes.
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    Jul 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by OTEP View Post
    'N' is not an emergency gear. It is a gear setting designed to be used just as you would use the neutral setting on a manual transmission.

    Btw, why it's between R and D is because the law requires it to be there (for safety reasons).
    Of course, you wouldn't want to kill your transmission by accidentally shifting to R if D and R were right beside each other. Modern cars now need you to press the shifter button to shift to R, but shifting to N-D-S-L does not require one to depress the button.

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    Jul 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by xto View Post
    Over inflated tires really helps increase the mileage:fuel ratio

    but your suspensions will definitely suffer the beatings.
    Assuming an ideal world where you just drive straight, yes. But if you're on curvy roads, the handling will be off. Hence, you'll also suffer MPG because you'll need to compensate for slow cornering speeds.

    And considering it rains a lot there, traction will also suffer if you overinflate the tires because the contact patch diminishes. Lastly, since the higher tire pressures provide a harsher ride, going over bumps or potholes will much harder for the passengers, and hence you will be forced to drive slower, and then forced to accelerate soon after.

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    Oct 2002
    Driving an AT is so simple that you can learn it in 10minutes...yes in one sitting! I don't see why there's such a thing as an "AT expert".

    As for the AT traffic driving, just put it in "N" then lift the handbrake. Engaging the tranny in "P" will damage it. Its also unsafe considering most AT rigs now will pass thru R before reaching P and vice versa (ever wondered why shifting from N to R is locked and requires you to press the button??? Hello!??).

    Personally, I don't like "P" since there are cases wherein you need to tow the vehicle and shifting from P to N locks out. Its better to shift it to N then secure the hanbrake so that you can tow the vehicle in case needed. Of course some vehicles (like the honda civic) does'nt allow you to remove the keys unless you shift the tranny to P.

    Now as for Otep butting in:

    This is a free for all forum where we learn from each other, including the mods, who are generally knowledgeable with regards to these stuff. Otep specifically has been with us for the longest time and has been giving correct infos regarding vehicle inquiries.

    I don't see anything wrong with being corrected (unless you are usally offended when corrected) but I'd advice you to take it easy on your choice of words out of due respect to the mods of this site.

    I'd hate to tell you this Kadaj but I also find your infos regarding AT usage false and misleading.

    Now I'm not saying this because you are a new member here. I just find your reaction inapropriate.

    Anyway, welcome to!
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    Sep 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by kadaj View Post
    strictly for the birds, i see more professionalism from other members such as bogeyman, kinyo & others the first time i came here & actually thought you are the typical ksp poster
    Whoa, let's go easy on that caboose, boss.

    It's not about being 'professional', since not all of us dabble in cars for a living. OTEP is one of the few who lives and breathes cars, if I may say so, aside from his profession as a physician. He wouldn't be entrusted with admin duty if he didn't have a clue around cars, even if it's a thankless job.

    Comparing me to him, heh, it's really no contest.

    And don't get the wrong idea; not a few people attest to him being a nice guy, so it's really nothing personal when he corrects certain impressions about cars once in a while. It's just that he knows his stuff, and that goes for several other members of this board. No use resenting the guy for that. And of course, there's also's responsibility to present the truth and only the truth about cars to the motoring masses.

    Just keep it cool. You'll never know when it will be your turn to enlighten some other motoring newbie in the future.
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    May 2006
    kadaj - Just a piece of advice. You probably can take on the others but not Sir Otep. Never Otep.

    His experience and vast knowledge about rides can only be envied here.

    Wag kang mapikon if we try to correct some of your wrong practices which have to be pointed out or may otherwise send the wrong message to the other 20,000 plus Tsikoters thus compromising safety. One of the purpose of us having forums like this is to find the safest and most practical solution to our rides' needs and not as a platform for you to call senior members names or challenge their own opinions.

    By the way, since you are still new here, Sir Otep is one of the founders.

    You are welcome here as long as you behave.
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    Nov 2006
    ok gentlemen.. points well taken

    i stand corrected

    my apologies to the administrator

    but i still believe thats not how they do it in my other american car forum sites.. maybe im settled more to their humble friendly approach.. maybe i do belong there

    anyway.. i loose interest in posting

    nice meeting you guys!

    Merry Christmas!

    once been a friend,

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    Jul 2006
    I too am a member of several US-based online fora, and most of them have the administrator, moderators, and senior members post often just as much as the "regulars".

    Humble friendly approach? Not necessarily true on all fora. Some are reputed to be good, while some are reputed to be full of immature individuals. Depends on which one. Personally, I like both. The sense of community in this Pinoy forum does not exist on the US-based ones, except for personal friends I have who also post on the same forum.

    Lose interest in posting, lose a good wealth of info here. It's your call. Have a good day.

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    Oct 2002
    I'm pretty sure Otep did not intend to offend you.

    In case you change your mind, you are still very welcome here in Hope we can still hear from you.


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    Oct 2002
    doc otep: ksp ka daw.hahahaha.sorry doc. people from foreign forums tend to be like.....what you just read.

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