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    based it on your needs.. pag natestdrive mo na ang livina, magugustuhan mo agad..ang sarap ihataw...di mo ramdam na 210kph ka na pala....i had driven a 6MT sa sctex kasi 1 week-end pinahiram sa akin ng NMPI ung livina 6mt test unit nila..

    sa bank ka..mas mura lahat ( cmf, insurance, interest rate).. tsaka pag sa bank sila na maglalakad ng lahat...pero pa-quote ka muna sa dealer-S(asmany as you can) para may comparison ka pag nagpa-quote ka na sa bank...

    kung gusto mo, pm mo ako baka may matulong ako sa yo kung direcho ka sa bank kukuha..particularly sa bpi..

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    Jun 2009
    yes if you have test driven the livina...first impression masarap idrive given that is a sedan like ride..pero sympre it all boils down sa need mo..if you need roomier interior and luggage space innova..pero if you want car like ride..livina..

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    Jun 2009
    yes, if you have driven a livina..first impression masarap idrive and will feel the luxury of a car because of its sedan like ride..but it all boils down sa need mo..if you need roomier interior and luggage and more seating capacity go for the questions asked..but if not go with livina..

    regarding the car loan..of course sir sa bank..mas malaki ang difference ng interest rate ng mga dealer dahil may commission ang mga ahente diyan..BPI is giving us 5%/annum for 4 years for Fortuner..

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    Feb 2007
    Livina... Innova is like a car for na pang masa lahat ng corners meron. But space wise nothing beats Innova.

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    Apr 2009
    what about mitsubishi grandis instead of fuzion.. handling is superb.. smooth ride.. I think the only downside is it's FC... but i think it has a good acceleration and sufficient power...

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    Feb 2009
    i will never think of the Mitsubishi Fuzion since most of the comments regarding this vehicle is that it's a gas guzzler. not that practical now that gas prices are beginning to increase again.

    the Nissan Grand Livina is a nice vehicle with a car-like ride. but what bothers me is the lack of air vents for the rear passengers. even though its single aircon can literally cool the cabin, it is still much better to have air vents dedicated for the rear passengers. this way, air circulation is at best.

    the Toyota Innova is the perfect balance between comfort and economy. so i will choose this one.

    good luck on your future purchase!

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    Apr 2009
    Innova - pang pamilya na... pang sports pa

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    Nov 2009
    Family use and Business use: go for Toyota Innova

    yes, ito ay pang-masa and you see alot of Innova in the road now, even in province.... come to think of it, why did alot of people purchased innova? because it fits your lifetsyle and it meets most of your demands, compared to some vehicle.....

    Financing - go for Bank and haggle, bargain with them, same with the dealer..... go and compare one bank from the other bank, again, same with the dealer, go from one dealer to the other dealer, whoever gives you a great package, go for it....

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    Jan 2010
    Hi to All,
    Maraming maraming salamat sa oras nyo sa pgreply dito.
    It really helped me a lot in choosing and buying my first very own car.
    so, ang napili ko ay innova G and mkukuha ko na din siya mmya.
    Nag haggle ako in 3 banks and nkakuha ako ng 16.4% interest 20% down payment for 36 months.not bad na cguro po.
    sa dealer naman nka discount ako ng 20K from SRP then free lto,insurance,tint etc...

    Salamat po tlaga. more power po sa tsikot philippines.

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    Feb 2008
    Good choice among the contenders!

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